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Free e-Book: Getting Started with Pinterest

Getting Started with Pinterest

According to Pew Research Center in its Social Media Update 2014 report (posted 1/9/2015), 28% of online adults are now using Pinterest..

interest is gaining larger shares of various demographics and is making its way to number three in popularity behind Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is a great way to promote your business online, no matter what you sell. To help you get started with Pinterest — or to help you with your existing presence — we have a new complimentary e-book: Getting Started With Pinterest.  Request Your Copy. (compliments of Jackson Marketing Services)


How to Reduce the Waste of Office Stationery

While your employees may regard that profligate use of envelopes, paper and pens as a minor issue, the costs can add up over the course of a financial year if your company employs several staff. By implementing some simple checks and routines, you could save your business thousands of pounds per year in unnecessary stationery wastage. Read More.

Perseverance Is Key in Small Business
Take Care of Your Employees

12 Steps to Product Success

After the success of our first article with Rabid Office Monkey “12 steps to take you from product design to manufacturing”, we have put together an article that takes you and your product further… in fact another 12 steps further into the depths of selling and marketing. We hope you find this article useful toContinue Reading

From Student to Entrepreneur

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” -Milton Berle One of the most overlooked aspects of entrepreneurship is the struggle aspiring students who are to be entrepreneurs’ face in generating good ideas for new businesses. Too many aspiring entrepreneurs fail to generate ideas that spark excitement, hold promise, and drive action. When aspiring entrepreneurs drownContinue Reading

5 Uses Your Home Business Has for Social Media

View image | In today’s business climate, one thing that is almost required is a social media presence. This is also the case for home businesses. Setting up social media accounts is very easy. However, many small business owners may not know the best way to utilize them. To help, below are five usesContinue Reading

Six Ways You Can Speed Up Your Business And Keep Up With Competition

View image | Today’s business age is driven by technology. Most consumers prefer to take advantage of the latest and greatest technology offerings, and because of this, it is important that businesses adapt and keep up with current technology trends in order to keep up with the competition. Here are six ways to speedContinue Reading

Email is Middle Age!

Back in 1971, computer engineer Ray Tomlinson sent the first electronic mail message. To celebrate, let’s take a look back at just how far email has come in the past 44 years. Related articles Four email problems that even titans of tech haven’t resolved How Creative Collaboration Has Evolved [Infographic] A Look at the HistoryContinue Reading

Five Innovative Ways That Businesses Will Be Improving Efficiency and Productivity in 2015

Open Source Data More information means less risk when undertaking potentially profitable new ventures. Information gathered from unstructured communication by people on blogs and forums about their everyday lives can help businesses determine what unmet needs consumers have, and gear production towards filling those needs. By comparing open source data collected from various sources, likeContinue Reading