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The Top 10 Fashion Mistakes Men & Women Make in the Office

Maureen Lampert

In a professional environment, there are some definite rules you should stick to if you want to make the right impression and be well-perceived by colleagues and superiors. You can still find ways to show your personal aesthetic, but only to a point.

Take a second to get into an honest-with-yourself frame of mind before you check to make sure that you’re not making these common office fashion faux pas. Read more.


How to Reduce the Waste of Office Stationery

While your employees may regard that profligate use of envelopes, paper and pens as a minor issue, the costs can add up over the course of a financial year if your company employs several staff. By implementing some simple checks and routines, you could save your business thousands of pounds per year in unnecessary stationery wastage. Read More.

Secret of Success
Walt Disney on Pursuing Your Dreams

Career and Pregnancy: How to Stay Productive at Work When You’re Expecting

Between a growing belly, a growing need to use the restroom, and growing exhaustion, working while far along in your pregnancy can be taxing. However, there are many ways to stay productive and efficient at work, despite the challenges pregnancy can bring. Stay Well-Rested Between waking up repeatedly in the night to use the restroom,Continue Reading

5 Best Tablets On The Market

By Daniel Ors Looking to purchase a tablet? Here are Fueled’s top 5: Work – Microsoft Surface Pro 3 As tablet-processing power has increased so has tablet utility in work settings. Professionals have incorporated tablets into their work toolkits and tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 have delivered utility for professionals who need toContinue Reading

12 Functional Tools That Improve Project Collaboration

12 Functional Tools That Improve Project Collaboration

To perform well on project collaboration, proper communication and productive teamwork are necessary. However, issues pertaining to communication and group effort always happen, thus affecting the group’s quality of work. Such problems are unavoidable. Even the best teams from the best companies suffer issues that hinder them to tap into their best work attitude. Thankfully,Continue Reading

How We Will See in the Future

How will technology impact your ability to see in the future? Check out this infographic to find out. What are the implications not just for individuals but for businesses like yours? Do you see any of these innovations becoming part of the world of work in your business? Infographic compliments of