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Free e-Book: Getting Started with Pinterest

Getting Started with Pinterest

According to Pew Research Center in its Social Media Update 2014 report (posted 1/9/2015), 28% of online adults are now using Pinterest..

interest is gaining larger shares of various demographics and is making its way to number three in popularity behind Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is a great way to promote your business online, no matter what you sell. To help you get started with Pinterest — or to help you with your existing presence — we have a new complimentary e-book: Getting Started With Pinterest.  Request Your Copy. (compliments of Jackson Marketing Services)


How to Reduce the Waste of Office Stationery

While your employees may regard that profligate use of envelopes, paper and pens as a minor issue, the costs can add up over the course of a financial year if your company employs several staff. By implementing some simple checks and routines, you could save your business thousands of pounds per year in unnecessary stationery wastage. Read More.

Maya Angelou – How You Treat Others

What to Look for When Choosing a Perfect Retail Location

Choosing a perfect retail location is vital for every business. Having good products, and professional, dependable workers don’t mean much if you doesn’t make your business available in the targeted market. A lot of business owners are initially afraid to invest in a high-priced location, even after they are introduced to the high number ofContinue Reading

6 Best Practice Tips to Improve Your Logistics Strategy

In the grand scheme of things, logistics keep the global economy turning on its axis and maintain the status quo. However, as many businesses are deeply entrenched in the supply chain, making and implementing improvements can be a slow process. That said, continued improvement benefits both suppliers and receivers and more importantly, it is necessaryContinue Reading

Creative Small Business Ideas for Today’s Entrepreneurial Nurses

Nurses have my respect. Twelve hour shifts, crazy rotations, giving up weekends and holidays on a regular basis. The constant sense of exhaustion and the continual wonderment of “just what is that new stain on my scrubs.” In today’s world nurses have more than likely dedicated themselves to years of education and training. These daysContinue Reading

Major Workplace Disasters

With figures indicating that over 2.3 million die every year due to work-related accidents or diseases, it is clear that more information and education is required on the subject. The impact of workplace accidents also has a detrimental effect on the global economy. It is estimated that there are 313 million non-fatal workplace accidents eachContinue Reading

5 Suggestions for a More Effective Office Environment

5 Suggestions for a More Effective Office Environment

Some office workplaces are not very functional and they can’t figure out why that is. They produce bored and bitter employees who do not get much work finished because they miss some extremely important aspects of professional life. This can lead to a high turnover rate and low company morale. With that in mind, gettingContinue Reading

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Business Blunders: Five Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

Too often business owners make mistakes that could have been avoided with preeminent study and consideration. Misunderstanding the difference between entrepreneurs and business owners is one of the first business blunders. Entrepreneurs begin as an owner of businesses. However, events in entrepreneurship show ripple effects of extended responsibilities with business associations and relationships. Entrepreneurs can’tContinue ReadingContinue Reading