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Benefits of Promotional Products

It may be har to believe but by using promotional products you can actually have a loyal clientele while bringing in new customers. Everyone knows the importance of advertising to draw attention to your business, products or services; however, by providing your customers with products they will actually use or wear is a great way to advertise. In many cases, others will see your logo or other sayings on the products which will give your customers the opportunity to provide the best “word of mouth” advertising in the world. What is better a large billboard or a person providing a one on one review of your company? Read More.

Henry Ford Quote on Competition
Charles Darwin on Adaptability

Tech For Your Pet

Statistics indicate that global spending on caring for pets continues to increase year on year. Figures in 2014 were $98.3 billion and that figure is expected to rise to $103.8 billion by the end of 2015. While billions are spent on pet food, there has also been a large increase on non-edible spend such as:Continue Reading

Life at the Office: How to Make Your Life at Work Less Stressful

Stress is the natural byproduct of most jobs. Although miscommunication, office politics and angry customers can cause stress, a lot of stress results from workers wanting to do well in their jobs and then struggling to meet expectations. Additionally, many people compound their at-work stress by bringing stresses from home to the workplace. How canContinue Reading

Hiring An Executive: 5 Things to Consider Before Taking Candidates

Hiring an executive for your small business is a decision that could affect you and your company for years to come. If you think your company is ready for new leadership, then you may want to consider these five things before you begin searching for candidates. Your Workload As a small business owner, there isContinue Reading

The Truth About Security – 3 Things You Need To know to Secure Your Business

Business security is a very important consideration. Many people see successful businesses and chalk up their success to impeccable timing, good products and services, great marketing, and superior customer service. While all of these things play an important role, one area that is often ignored is security. Making sure your business is secure is veryContinue Reading

4 Reasons You Should Tailor Your Marketing Strategy to Your Industry

Image courtesy of phanlop88 / The success of every business depends on the ability of the business to not only maintain a niche market presence, but also continually keep up with industry changes. Businesses must not only correctly identify their target demographics, but also tailor their marketing strategy for their specific industry. For example,Continue Reading

Qualities to Look for in a Competent Virtual Assistant

Many entrepreneurs hire virtual assistants to gain access to top-notch administrative, creative and technical services. For big and small companies alike, this is a smart move that enables them to put more focus on their core activities. However, it comes with its fair share of challenges – there are certain obstacles virtual assistants must overcomeContinue Reading

The History of Cardboard Boxes- An Infographic

Packaging plays a crucial role in keeping goods in mint condition. It also helps a lot while shipping them from one place to another. It not only assists you in making the overall process smooth but also defines the character of a product. Talking about product packaging and how we can overlook the importance ofContinue Reading