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The Top 10 Fashion Mistakes Men & Women Make in the Office

Maureen Lampert

In a professional environment, there are some definite rules you should stick to if you want to make the right impression and be well-perceived by colleagues and superiors. You can still find ways to show your personal aesthetic, but only to a point.

Take a second to get into an honest-with-yourself frame of mind before you check to make sure that you’re not making these common office fashion faux pas. Read more.


How to Reduce the Waste of Office Stationery

While your employees may regard that profligate use of envelopes, paper and pens as a minor issue, the costs can add up over the course of a financial year if your company employs several staff. By implementing some simple checks and routines, you could save your business thousands of pounds per year in unnecessary stationery wastage. Read More.

Charles Darwin on Adaptability
Secret of Success

Tips for Organizing Your Office for Maximum Productivity

Every year, countless work hours are wasted due to sloppy offices that aren’t optimized for productivity. Transforming an office into a hive of focused activity is no mean feat; to make the most of the available space, you need to go into the organization process with a well-thought-out plan. These simple, yet powerful, tips shouldContinue Reading

Objectives of Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing is an essential tool of business promotion in the 21st century. The Internet is used by almost 3 billion people because of which, it has a great impact on every aspect of our lives. Businesses need to be very visible on the Internet to reach out to their customers. Hence, they need toContinue Reading

Four Reasons Why Your Employee Training Methods Aren’t Working (and How to Get Results)

Despite their best efforts, many business owners have trouble getting results from employee trainings. Some owners try inspiration, motivation, reward systems, penalties, and thorough trainings from professionals, yet they feel that nothing changes. If you’ve been tirelessly trying to train employees to improve productivity, expand knowledge, or implement a new system, and have yet toContinue Reading

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5 Fun and Easy Holiday Team-Building Activities

For many people, the holidays are the most stressful time of year. With hectic gift shopping, dramatic family get-togethers and frequent driving, the fact that stress and holidays go hand-in-hand is hardly surprising. Prudent small businesses recognize the importance of high morale and low stress among employees, as this combination typically results in a productiveContinue Reading

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Effective Communication at Work – Cheat Sheet

The ability to communicate effectively can make or break your career goals. No matter what your role in an organization, effective communication skills can help you accomplish more on the job. When you are able to clearly express yourself, you will find it easier to build a positive professional reputation, gain recognition from management, influence others,Continue Reading