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The Top 10 Fashion Mistakes Men & Women Make in the Office

Maureen Lampert

In a professional environment, there are some definite rules you should stick to if you want to make the right impression and be well-perceived by colleagues and superiors. You can still find ways to show your personal aesthetic, but only to a point.

Take a second to get into an honest-with-yourself frame of mind before you check to make sure that you’re not making these common office fashion faux pas. Read more.


How to Reduce the Waste of Office Stationery

While your employees may regard that profligate use of envelopes, paper and pens as a minor issue, the costs can add up over the course of a financial year if your company employs several staff. By implementing some simple checks and routines, you could save your business thousands of pounds per year in unnecessary stationery wastage. Read More.

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Is Your Business Making These Common Legal Mistakes?

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How to Form a Digital Marketing Strategy

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Office Layouts: Which One Works Best?

The layout of the office has changed much over time.  From open floor spaces to seemingly endless cubicles and then back again, employers have to balance factors such as productivity, job structure and employee satisfaction in order to get the best result.  Even to this day, the concept of the ideal office layout is stillContinue Reading

Is Your Business Disaster Ready?

Many small business owners don’t take proper precautions to protect their businesses in the event of a natural disaster. No matter where you live, there is the possibility that a natural disaster could impact your business. Are you ready? Take a look at this infographic from Eastern Kentucky University’s Online Master’s in Safety, Security andContinue Reading