Rule of Small Business Success: Stop Chasing Opportunity and Start Creating It

The old adage “waiting for your ship to come in”, just doesn’t work in our world. Do you spend too much time waiting for an opportunity to arrive? What about chasing one miles into the distance? Why not create your own opportunity?

So, your options are:

1. After due diligence, wait for that ship to come in.


2. Swim out to meet it.

Now is the time to recognize this is your ship and you need to steer it toward the most successful coast.

To do that, you have to know the necessary mechanics to creating an opportunity that will lead you to success.

Beginnings of Opportunity

Unfortunately, most people merely copy the configuration of other successful captains’ ships. The copycat syndrome rarely leads to success. For example, like many early bootstrappers I used to do a lot of my work in Starbucks. Listening to other dreamers brainstorm business ideas was absolutely fascinating.

I remember just after the explosion of “Groupon,” there were dozens of people sitting around brainstorming ideas of how to reverse-engineer the business model. These are the same kinds of people who get into college and study something because they think it’ll make them a lot of money or provide them with financial security. Rather than find something they are passionate about and can excel at, they focus on tried-and-true methods of ‘success’.

They’re view the success of others and assume they can break into that field through the same opening. Okay, not a bad place to start, after all if it’s working for someone else why wouldn’t it work for you? Only one small problem…

They’re chasing after trends instead of searching for the principles which create those trends.

The person who chases trends will always find themselves amongst the crowds of people who see something working and who try to hop on the bandwagon. Following the crowd has never been the way to create success that will last. Instead of producing a source of financial success that will not just last, but build wealth and reputation for you into the future, the copycats will simply always be flaring with the spark of the next big thing.

The majority of people don’t have financial security because they’re ether waiting for their ship to come in, or they’re chasing after the same ship as everyone else, kicking biting and clawing their way through the crowd, only to end up with a small scrap of the opportunities which were left after everyone else already took a bite.

Stop fighting for the true innovator’s scraps.

This riotous fight is why the majority of people are broke and unhappy with the state of their financial life. The small minority who understand the principles which create trends are the ones who create massive success and opportunity. They are the trend setters, and they not only get first dibs on the rewards offered by fresh opportunities, many of them capitalize on selling stories about their success to the opportunity hungry masses.

If you want to break out of this trap, stop following the crowd and start being a trendsetter, you have to know the principles which create opportunity…

How to Create Opportunity Using Principles

The principle that creates financial opportunity is the same principle that controls the flow of wealth.

Human need.

Whether physical, emotional or spiritual needs, people invest their money and their time into things which they believe will meet their basic needs. While our means of meeting these needs has changed over the course of history, the needs themselves have not.

If you want to be able to create opportunities where others can’t even see them, start by understanding the basic needs that people will pay to have met. These needs transcend cultural boundaries and are universal to all human beings.

For example, think of the some of the most successful online networking sites that show consistent growth and meet a fundamental desire. Can’t think of any? How about:,,, etc. People want to find a companion and these sites offer a solution to the problem of finding a partner in an increasingly isolating, fast-paced world.

What about peace of mind? Doesn’t everyone want to leave on vacation knowing the home they built is safe and their kids will be protected? No wonder all home security sites like ADT craft marketing messages that prominently feature mothers and children.

Solve A Problem

A new wave of entrepreneurial thinking focuses on ‘solving a problem’ that you suspect other people have. The best example of problem-focused solutions are those provided by 37Signals, creators of Basecamp. The 37Signals team designed Basecamp to solve their own organizational issues. Once they realized this was the perfect solution to help other companies, solving their time and resource management issues, which help them increase their revenue, they scaled the solution and sold it. They helped themselves and others touch the need for financial growth and security.

Consider how your skills and traits can be applied to a solution to meet others’ needs.

Once you figure out a way to translate your personal prowess into a solution for others’ needs, you’ll have created a thousand opportunities for your financial success. Stop waiting for your ship to come in and make your own success!

About the Author

Seth Czerepak is a direct response copywriter, content marketing strategist and virtual entrepreneur with 15 years of marketing and direct sales experience and a thorough knowledge of human behavior psychology. He is one of only two copywriting experts alive who specialize in unique sales proposition (USP) based branding and copywriting. Seth has been helping small businesses and start up entrepreneurs build thriving online businesses since 2007. His ghostwriting and copywriting clients have been featured on ABC News, MSNBC, and in prominent publications like Success Magazine, Entrepreneur and Forbes Magazine. Find him on Facebook & Twitter.

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