A security guard’s function serves as a deterrent to burglars, vandals, and trespassers. Guards help secure valuable equipment, confidential items, and secure employees and clients. Does your business need security guards? We have compiled a list of 10 businesses that can benefit from hiring security guards.

1. Construction Sites

Within today’s society, a construction company cannot rely solely on police for security. If left unattended, a construction site could lay victim to vandalism, crime, and theft.

2. Health Care

Many unique security challenges impact health care facilities. With a constant flow of patients, employed staff and visitors, this fast-paced environment requires uncompromising attention to discretion and confidentiality.

3. Retail Establishments

A security guard’s main job in a retail establishment is to keep a watchful eye on staff, stock and customers. Within the retail environment, it is the duty of the guard to protect both the safety and well being of both customers as well as employees.

4. Property Management

Property managers typically do not have time to manage security alongside multiple other duties they employ. With visible security presence, criminal activity is drastically reduced.

5. Manufacturing and Industrial Companies

Manufacturing corporations are becoming prime targets of vandalism, theft, disputes, property damage and equipment theft and tampering. A security guard can log vehicle entry and exit of the building, verify drivers and clear visitors and direct contractors to their appropriate locations.

6. Museums

Museum security guards have knowledge about the overall protection and conservation of important items. A museum security guard can keep valuable and some priceless art and exhibits safe from thievery, damage, and tampering.

7. Financial Facilities

People, customers and the operational information of a financial institution all need to be protected. Security guards provide solutions like; access Control, armed / unarmed concierge services, monitoring security electronics, patrol, parking security and workplace violence prevention.

8. Hotels and Hospitality

Hotel guests bring valuables into their rooms and it is the job of the guard to ensure they are staying in a secured environment. Hotel security guards also patrol the hotel and respond to complaints and calls for help.

9. Education Institutes and Public Schools

Considering that education institutions and public schools house very important people, children both young and old, it may be the place security is needed the most. Due to a rise of fatal shootings, drugs and safety issues, schools may need to provide security to patrol the institution and surrounding area.

10. Residential and Retirement Communities

Feeling safe where you and your children live is one of the most important things that hiring security will provide for families. Security companies can provide custom solutions to ensure peace of mind to residents. Theft, vandalism, and trespassing are significantly reduced.

Overall, all businesses can benefit from security guard protection. Whether vehicle or foot patrol, guards are trained to keep a watchful eye and are versatile in various circumstances. Security guards are a resource that may ensure your business remains secure one.

About the Author:

Mike Larson is working as a Marketing Manager at Security Company San Jose, a Company based in San Jose. He is a professional Digital Marketer having more than 8 years of experience in the field. Besides his professional work he also provides consultancy to new businesses and educates youngsters by providing easy Digital Marketing Tips.