10 Marketing Tips For Back To School Season


With school around the corner, it’s time to consider ways to promote your business and gain more exposure from students and parents. If done right, marketing your business to schools can be cost efficient and an effective way of getting your product or service noticed. Here’s a list of 10 marketing tips for back to school season.

Free School Supplies

What better way to get your service recognized, than by putting it on supplies that students use on a regular basis. Imagine while students are taking an exam or doing homework, they would have a pencil with your company name or logo on it. Or better yet, the students leave their supplies at home and their parents see and use them. Either way, your business can get a lot of exposure by giving away pencils, glue, paper or other supplies with your name on it.

Promotional Backpack Giveaway

With all those supplies, students will need somewhere to put them. Consider giving away a handful of backpacks to students at school. You will get some great exposure as the students roam the hallways with your logo or company name on the backpack for all the other students to see.

QR Codes

On all of these school supplies and backpacks, put a QR code on them. These codes are simple and easy to implement. Best yet, they entice action from customers who are interested in finding out what they’ll get when they scan the code.

Make An App

After your customer scans your QR code, you need to have interesting content for them to see. One idea is to make an app for their smartphone or tablet. This app can be a game, a promotional movie, or a discount or coupon. Having a fun app will not only give your clients something interactive to see and play with, but it also shows your company’s ability to adapt with technology.

Support Athletic Teams

For many companies, supporting school teams is a proven tactic for generating business. Whether you pay for jerseys or a new scoreboard, or simply become a booster and have your name in program guides, supporting your local school will show others your passion for helping the athletes. And if the school really excels at the sport, seeing your logo on the local news doesn’t hurt either.

Homecoming Dance

For high schools, the beginning of the school year also marks the homecoming dance. Consider donating money to help the school get food, decorations, hire a deejay, or whatever else they may need. In return, you can ask for your business to be recognized at the homecoming parade or at the dance.

Safety Tips

If you have a connection with your local police station or firehouse, see if they would like to pair with you to make a safety campaign. Usually, elementary schools will ask these heroic professionals to come to their schools to give demonstrations. At the end, they typically hand out fun stuff that the kids can use to remember safety tips. If your logo or company name is included, people will see how much you care for safety and the well being of children.

Art Show, Theater Production, Concert

A unique way of target a niche market is to support an art show. With the help of your company, you can gather the schools best artists and put on a show that displays their work. If your school doesn’t have particularly advanced artists, a theater production or musical concert is another way of gaining attention. Whether its art, theater or music, you can offer to support these programs in exchange for recognition at the next big event. The best part is, you will be able to generate interest from a different group of people that may not see your campaigns at sporting events.

Support Technology

Every school is looking for innovative and advanced technology for their students, especially when it comes to keeping up with other schools. If you are able, your company could donate tablets or computers for the students to use. A handy tip is to put stickers of your business on the devices, so every time the student uses them, they’ll be reminded of your company.

Bumper Stickers

High school kids love driving. And for some, they love decorating their cars with wild bumper stickers. If you can give away bumper stickers to students, your company will be marketed everywhere that car goes for many years to come. Not only will other students see it at school, but people will also see it at the grocery store, video game hangout, mall or wherever else the student goes. Best-case scenario, the student takes the car to college and that’s four more years of marketing your company.

Students are a valuable marketing tool when used right. Before school starts up this year, think of how the ideas on this list can help you get involved with your local school and generate business for your company.

About the Author

Douglas Cook has worked as a small business marketing consultant for the past 15 years and is passionate about sharing his thoughts and experiences. If you want to take advantage of the back to school season for your marketing efforts, Douglas recommends checking out the promotional backpacks from Inkhead.com.



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