What matters the most in a small business is driving sales as much as possible without flinching from the quality of the product offered. The big corporations do not need to reach out to the customers by making constant phone calls and convincing them to buy their products. However, we are here today talking about your small business, and you need that phone call to turn into a successful sales pitch rather than just a cold one. Making clear phone calls and showcasing your oratory skills to the potential customer will not attract many customers. You need to have an outward understanding of keeping your perfect stance in front of the person who is on the other end.

To turn a phone call into a successful sales pitch, follow these specific tips and tricks:

  1. Fear: what is the recipient does not respect you or talks in a way that leaves you chagrined, don’t take it personally. The other person will not even think of you for another second after they hang up the phone, so why would you condemn yourself and turn it into a stressful situation for yourself. Giddy up and pick up the phone again, because every new call means a better opportunity.
  2. Prepare a list: it is imperative that you prepare a list beforehand of all the potential leads. Keeping in mind the brevity of your task a well-developed and targeted list will only help you contact the right person. Your list should have the names and business profile of all the individuals that will understand your product and will be interested in hearing your pitch.
  3. Make a Plan: plan ahead set hourly targets for yourself. This exercise will help you focus on the task at hand and will not let you deviate from the path. An objective of conversing with 50 or 100 leads in one hour is not a big target if you know what to sell and to whom the product is to be sold.
  4. The objective: why are you calling someone? Ensure that you know your objective and then only proceed with the call. If you are just calling to introduce yourself start with a normal conversation and describe yourself or if the call is for selling a product, get straight to the point and explain everything about your product and why it is essential for the recipient. Make it short and concise; there should be no ambiguity in the recipient’s mind when you have completed your explanation your call intends to set up a meeting, make sure that you have your appointments calendar in hand and improvise during the call.
  5. Maintain your voice: in a situation where both of the participants are not in direct contact with each other, the sound is the only factor that can convey your level of confidence or the lack of it. Any nervousness in your voice can leave a gaping hole in your potential to send the right message to the recipient. It is essential that you control your voice and showcase your oratory experience. Being a small business owner losing even one potential customer due to the want of a confident voice will hurt you more than you could think.
  6. Ready your script: this is important; your script should be such that it hits bull’s eye in just one call. Learn it and understand it with all your heart, because this is the second the most important factor after your voice that will decide whether the call you made is a cold one or will it lead to a fruitful result. You do not know who will answer the call; it can be the boss or the assistant or even the sales department of your target organization. If the assistant answers the call, be precise and show your credibility. Ask directly for the boss and if he/she is not available, make sure you imprint your authority and enquire about his whereabouts as to when you can call again.
  7. Don’t linger on: the most crucial aspect in a sales call is identifying the moment when to disconnect a call. Mostly the callers tend to take much time in confirming the final response of the recipient and this imprints an unprofessional impression. What you need to do is hang up the phone as soon as you get a definitive answer and if the meeting has been set up record it in your appointment calendar. Your target is a professional, and you should also behave in a similar manner considering the brevity of your situation.
  8. Stealth Mode: it is a standard norm among the people that whenever they see the name ABC sales company of their phone, the chances of picking up that call plummet swiftly. In this scenario, you need to call the person as an individual rather than as a sales executive. Getting personal is not the motive here, but the critical point is that the person should feel comfortable talking to you and he/she should feel that your product is worth a hearing.
  9. Recording: this practice may take a little more time, but it will help you in the longer term. Recording yourself for every call and listening to it afterward can help you identify the issues with your pitching and your vocal strength. You can recognize the areas of concern and work upon them along the way. This feature resembles a vital notion called Overcome, Adapt and Improvise.
  10. Don’t wait and get started: well as much as you have enjoyed reading this article the work of a sales executive is easier said than done. So don’t wait up and start making calls immediately. No single potion can make a perfect sales call executive overnight, but it takes time to learn and excel at like everything else.
Charles C Johnson
Charles C. Johnson

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