In today’s fast-paced, always-connected business reality, workplace stress is rapidly becoming an office mainstay. No longer are high-pressure jobs relegated to the upper echelons of the organization. Unfortunately, no matter what the position or type of company, a certain level of workplace stress is inevitable.

Despite all best efforts, deadlines get pushed up, business and project needs evolve, and mistakes happen.  Stress in the workplace is an unfortunate fact of life. In fact, a majority of Americans report that their jobs are the biggest source of stress in their lives. Some estimates say that job-related stress costs American businesses as much as $300 billion each year in lost productivity.

It’s not hard to see how workplace stress can have a serious impact on an organization. When employees feel overwhelmed or overworked, they are more likely to take additional time off or lose focus on their projects. Often, stressed employees are disengaged employees, impacting morale across the board. Higher stress levels are a serious concern for overall business success and employee well-being.

While there may be nothing you can do to prevent stress throughout your organization, there are things you can do to help your employees overcome their stress and be more relaxed and productive in the workplace. Many of these activities are simple and don’t require any significant disruptions to the workday. For example, encouraging employees to take 15-minute breaks away from their computer screens can go a long way to relieving the relentless pressure they might be experiencing. Replacing donuts in the break room with healthier snacks can improve employees’ energy levels and focus throughout the day, resulting in lower stress levels.

Those are just a few of the de-stressing suggestions found in the below guide from The Jacobson Group. Not only will they help improve your staff’s efficiency and effectiveness, but they’ll go a long way in helping employees on a personal level. 

About the Author:

Nikki St. Martin is the VP of Marketing for The Jacobson Group, the premier insurance talent acquisition firm in the country. Nikki is responsible for the ongoing marketing and branding efforts of The Jacobson Group.