Driving leads and sales takes time, but mobile access sidesteps channel barriers. If you’re trying to gain better outreach, rev up your strategies and gear up your plan for future growth, check out the following tips for great lead generation and sales increases.

Tip One: Streamline Mobile-Based Checkout Options

First and foremost, you’ll need to increase lead generation by reducing cart abandonment. Two in three online shopping carts are left before the consumer checks out. Aid your consumers by streamlining your mobile-based access points. Keep it simple. Manual triggers should be avoided, too, as they complicate the sales process.

Tip Two: Don’t Overwhelm with Emails

Don’t blow up your consumer’s mobile inbox. Rather, strategize. Maintain a mobile email program based upon decisive selling strategies. Always consider email contact as a personal relationship. Your mobile consumer might have mobile email access, but they won’t appreciate unsolicited messages.

Tip Three: Supplement with Content Marketing

Content marketing enhances mobile-based leads. In fact, constant content marketing can outperform Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns. If you’re trying to generate sales, don’t cross out content marketing options. They’re highly useful for mobile campaign lead generation, and they’re a great follow-up to in-store sales performances.

Tip Four: Have a Mobile Friendly Website

Over 8 percent of website traffic is garnered through mobile devices. Mobile-friendly websites are a necessity, as big leads—and sales—are lost to non-streamlined websites. Take advantage of efficient website creation, and constantly test its standards against new mobile technology.

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Tip Five: Use Google my Business

Google my Business assists organic traffic increases by empowering your strategies with search engines. Mobile users like shopping locally, and Google my Business gracefully enhances their buying ability while increasing your entity’s overall online presence.

Tip Six: Utilize QR Codes

QR codes create feasible, fast-paced environments. Typically, mobile users want information fast, friendly and fearless. They won’t stick around waiting for new information. They need to obtain it quickly, and QR codes deliver a wealth of information.

Tip Seven: Use Real-Time Tracking

Tracking software keeps an eye on marketing efforts. Lead generation requires a healthy dose of information, and real-time tracking is an incredibly viable method for measuring clickthrough, webpage visits, popularity and cross-platform access.

Tip Eight: Prioritize Lead Validity

It’s easy to be misled on mobile. ‘Junk’ leads are widespread, and your mobile marketing platform needs to step far, far away from databases filled with false avenues. Weed out any false leads, because your mobile users have limited perception on mobile. Trust is vital for driving sales and return visits, and trust is only possible when the marketer upholds a safe environment.

Tip Nine: Track Nurturing Leads

Nurtured leads carry a 23 percent shorter sales cycle than other sources, but maximizing the statistic takes grit. Watch lead responses, measure timed deliveries and match winning strategies with effective communication methods. Timing, frequency and delivery should be keenly watched.

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Tip Ten: Maximize Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing increases conversion rates with intensive audience engagement. Really, SMS text marketing is mobile marketing’s bread and butter. It boosts lead generations, and it’s a vessel for in-store offers.

Tip Eleven: Rank Each Lead

As you accrue leads, be sure to rank them in potency. Deem several leads as ‘top dog’ leads. Over time, you’ll begin ascertaining which leads evolve from which event sequences. By categorizing results, you’ll figure out your mobile platform’s winning approaches. Automated marketing systems are great for such categorizations. They log performed activities, determining ‘sales-ready’ statuses for sales teams.

Tip Twelve: Mobilize Your Social Media Presence

Relative to having a mobile-friendly website, having a mobile-friendly social media presence is important. On-the-go social media lovers will likely access your brand through its Facebook or Twitter page. Be sure to only offer mobile-friendly links on these pages, and remember to assure all social media content is app-friendly.

Tip Thirteen: Constantly Update Lead Records

Mobile platforms are constantly changing, and numbers are very relative. Record each consumer’s site visits, page views and downloaded items. By knowing their interested leads, you’ll be able to tailor future lead generation strategies to their preferences.

Tip Fourteen: Incorporate Opt-In Services

Mobile platforms are perfect for opt-in services. Highly conducive to constant communication, opt-in services maintain leads while generating overall sales. Remember: Opt-in services should be friendly on all levels. Always prioritize privacy, and impact lead generation based on the consumer’s schedule.

About the Author

Sophorn Chhay is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generated sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s SMS and marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Trumpia is offering a free Mobile Marketing Success Kit so don’t forget to grab your free copy.