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You don’t have to be a professional graphic artist to create stunning visual content. These 3 social media graphics tools are perfect for beginners.

You want to have the most amazing and creative work to showcase how awesome your company is, right?

The problem is that you really don’t know much about graphic design. And by “not much”, we mean nothing at all.

So should you just hang it up and call on some expensive graphic designer to do the work for you?

Of course not!

There are many social media graphics programs out there to help someone without a lot of artistic expertise make content like a boss. We’re highlighting a few of these in the post below.

3 Social Media Graphics Tools You Need to Use

Get ready to do some amazing art with these three graphics tools. You — and your business — will thank us.


Canva is a hot new graphics tool that works off of template-based creation.

This means that when you create your art, you can do so by using templates or pre-made images and place them together to create one impressive picture.

Canva was made for the person who doesn’t know much about using art software, so it comes as no surprise that it’s become a popular choice for many startups.

Add in that it’s free to use, and it’s a no-brainer.

Adobe Spark

Everyone has heard about Adobe Spark, whether you’ve used it or not.

Like most other design apps, Spark has a downloadable aspect that you have to pay for but it gives free web access.

What makes Spark unique is that it uses a minimalistic approach to art while still being able to create modern designs. For this reason, lots of people flock to it — and you might, too.

Want to really go the extra mile? Why not create a Twitch banner using Spark? Trust us, it always pays to do a little more.


Need to design something on the fly? Then this is the perfect tool for you.

Desynger is a tool that you can use on mobile technology. That means if you have a tablet or your smartphone with you, you can create cool images right then and there.

This is especially useful for when you suddenly have to work on a project on a train ride, or if you were in the middle of creating something on your desktop and need to finish it while you’re on the move.

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