Take a look over these statistics from a recent study:

  • 70% of employed Americans report that they are not engaged at work
  • Companies with engaged employees receive 2.5x more revenue than companies with low engagement levels

Team building is one of the best ways to engage employees. And being disengaged in a workplace affects both the worker’s well-being as well as the revenue of said workplace. So, in short, team building is important, very important. But we’ve all been made to partake in shocking excuses for team building exercises. So when you’re planning your next group get together, or when you suggest to your boss that some team building could be beneficial to the company, consider these outside of the box options.

Escape rooms

Escape rooms have been popping up in all major cities around the world. Essentially it entails choosing a room that has been decked out in state of the art technology to simulate an ‘escape’ scenario, an example can be found here. Be it a hidden garden or crazy professors lab, the players are given a time limit to work together to solve the clues and hints in order to escape. It’s very group orientated work and no phones are allowed! It doesn’t require much physical activity and given the variety of the clues and hints there is a range of types of thinkers that are suited. Essentially it will involve everyone in the group and make for some good ‘remember when’ moments.

Group sport (private training or tournament)

If your group of employees are more suited for a physical side of activities rather than the intellectual side, consider a group sport tournament, or private training sessions. Something like a mixed netball team that plays once a week is a great way to get people engaged and feeling involved. Or hiring a personal trainer to take your employees for a session before or after work could also be a good option. If you want to do this it’s a good idea to set a ‘goal’, like a half marathon or Tough Mudder.


Mind games

However, there are groups of people with talents that definitely lie more so on the intellectual side than the physical. If this is more like your group of employees there is a huge array or different options. Weekly pub trivia is a great one if you have a pub or bar close to your workplace. Otherwise cooking classes, an afternoon at a hedge maze or a games night and drinks after work on a Friday will suit.

Charity work

This is a really great idea if your employees need a boost in their self-esteem as well as a boost in their workplace engagement. There is an abundance of charities that require help. I bet a couple have already come to mind. The Salvation Army run a soup kitchen that is always happy to take volunteers!


The better performing companies are the ones with highly engaged employees and getting your employees engaged in their workplace is easy with unique team building exercises. Find which one works for your group and have fun with it!

About the Author:

Joe Flanagan is a Senior Consultant at the Velvet Jobs resume builder. His experience ranges from helping candidates with their resume, career tips and HR advice. When he’s not working you can find him studying Mandarin Chinese and playing acoustic guitar.