Paying your remote team can be a tricky process. With hundreds of payment methods here and there, some might rip you off or add ridiculously high hidden charges for your transactions.

Heads up! Encashers and other “fishy” gateways can also be a big scam. Your payment details, including your email, can be used to steal more data.  In fact, the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) and CyberScout pointed out that 5.8 percent of breaches happened on online banking and money transactions.

You and your team are all prone to these compromises. Now, email spoofs with fraud transactions are getting even more rampant.

Want the best bang for your buck and a payment method that does it neat?

We’ve listed the four credible, must-try freelancer-friendly payment gateways for your remote team.

1. TransferWise

Tired of hefty bank charges and your workers fussing about low remittance rates?
Yup, we know the struggle.

TransferWise helps you save a ton while letting your team celebrate payday. Charging 8x cheaper than traditional banking and receiving 5/5 rating in Trustpilot- what else could you ask for? TransferWise has a user-friendly mobile app that helps you track where your money is. Also, you’ll be receiving email notifications from the start of your transaction.

Visit their website if you’ll need to calculate your transaction fees or choose a payment method that works well for you. Everything just works smoothly.

2. Payoneer

Wanna save 58% and save yourself from the hassle of hidden charges? Say no more.

Payoneer is quite a popular option for the top international freelance marketplace. If your team is from Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr or PeoplePerHour- this is a viable choice. Creating invoices, managing your payments and sending reminders can be done in a heartbeat. With Payoneer, you can pay your team members and sub-contractors for free (yup, unlike Paypal that charges quite a lot if they’re not on your list of Family).

Payoneer is available in 200 countries and 150 currencies, sending your funds lightning-fast.

3. 2Checkout

Having 300 fraud rules effective in every transaction, bad guys won’t have the chance to do their dirty tricks. Supporting 87 currencies and 15 languages, it is made for freelancers around the globe.

Payments are made easily using their mobile and desktop applications supporting seamless hosted checkouts and even recurring billing.

2Checkout transaction fees only go up to 2.9% for domestic while 3.9% for international. A fee of $0.30 is charged per transaction, while conversion for currencies varies from 2-5%. Your freelance workers can receive their pay through bank transfer, Payoneer Mastercard or international transfer.

No more hidden charges for extra protection. 2Checkout lets you pay for what you use.

4. Skrill

100 payment methods, 40 currencies, 1. 9% overseas transaction charge– it speaks more languages than Paypal.

Supporting more than 200 countries with seamless sender-to-receiver transactions, Skrill is made for employers with workers around the globe. This is mainly created for overseas transactions, as they do not have a functionality for online shopping yet.

Apart from being a game-changer in paying your remote workers, this gateway is well-loved by Forex traders worldwide.

Signing up for an account is free. Their Skrill 1-Tap feature lets you easily send payments to your contractors.

With these four payment methods, you can get transactions with lesser chargebacks and fewer woes. No more irate follow-ups about delayed pays or boring minutes waiting for your customer

Vaishali Badgujar
Vaishali Badgujar

Vaishali is a digital marketer at Time Doctor, a SaaS time tracking and productivity tool for companies and freelancers. Vaishali is an inbound marketing expert and specializes in SEO.