Thinking about starting your own business and got an entrepreneurial way of thinking? Already in the process of your small business journey and recently secured some funding? Just in need of some inspiration from already successful entrepreneurs? No matter what stage you’re at, there WILL be plenty of occasions when you ask yourself if entrepreneurship is worth it. Believe it or not the likes of Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Alan Sugar, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs all worked their way up from the beginning and know what it’s like to launch a brand new business.

Total Processing has created this cool and eye-catching infographic, shown below, which references fifteen legendary quotes from successful entrepreneurs. Creating a successful name for themselves with their international branding, these legendary entrepreneurs have powered on through (even if the journey wasn’t always an easy one). Even if you can’t directly relate to each of the legendary quotes, you’ll certainly be able to take some advice along the way and feel inspired for your very own business venture.

It’s certainly not easy being an entrepreneur. Organising and managing your own enterprise requires considerable initiative and risk, and therefore can come with plenty of doubts and tricky questions. Instead of doubting yourself, keep your head up and turn to the following fifteen quotes to inspire and motivate you on your journey. Which is your favourite quote? Choose from the below and take part in your very own personal pep talk from some of the globe’s most famous business leaders.

About the Author:
David Midgley is Head of Operations at Total Processing. Before this, he spent nine years working for HSBC from 2004 and also spent two and a half years at Axcess Merchant Services before taking up his current role at Total Processing in February 2016.