Many small businesses feel they can’t compete with the big players in their industry due to their financial restrictions. But just because you have a small budget, it doesn’t mean you should have a small marketing mix.

If this sounds familiar to you, there is a wealth of options open to you.

Forget focusing on small campaigns with limited ROI; it’s time to get more bang for your buck. Here, are five alternative small budget marketing methods that can help your business stand up to the competition:

1. Social media advertising

If your business is already using Twitter and Facebook as a networking tool, you’ve got a head start. But you’re also missing out on a huge section of social media.

Using the paid social media advertising options, you can increase your social media reach on a relatively small budget. And the best thing? Social media advertising is demographically targeted, meaning you’re not wasting your budget targeting an uninterested audience.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all allow you to market your business, latest products, or social media accounts for a relatively small budget. You can set up a Facebook Promoted Post for example, for a total budget of £3.

2. Leverage press releases

Your business may be small, but if you’re constantly hiring staff, winning contracts, and generally being ‘newsworthy’; you should be leveraging the power of press releases. A well written and distributed post can aid both your online and offline marketing campaigns, and dramatically increase your brand visibility.

Newsworthy angles, quotes, and images, are all simple but effective ways to utilise your release. Make the most of it by submitting it to the local press, industry publications, and paid distribution sites. The aim of the game here is to get maximum exposure for minimum effort.

3. Trade shows

You may be under the illusion that trade shows are a costly venture. And while they can be, there are ways you can make them affordable and work for you. For instance; rather than opting for a huge display, choose a more modest pop-up display and a smaller exhibition.

What’s more; you can generate a whole host of great leads, secure some sales, and increase your brand awareness. Not bad for a day’s work. Just be sure to do your research on local events, and find the best expos for your industry.

4. Corporate social responsibility

By doing charity work, being an ambassador for a local good cause, and generally doing a good dead; you can market your business for little money at all. In fact, corporate social responsibility only involves an investment of your time.

Remember those newsworthy press releases we mentioned earlier? Writing a release on your latest charity walk is a great way to get your business in the press, and shed a positive light on your business.

5. Become an authority

Another way you can invest your time – without investing your budget – is to become an authority in your industry. Are you a marketing manager with a keen interest in conversion rate optimisation? Then why not speak at industry seminars and talks?

Not only can you increase your black book of contacts, but you can also raise your business profile and share your knowledge. Again, this is a simple marketing method for small businesses that won’t have a negative impact on your budget.

So there you have it; 5 small budget marketing methods to boost your business profile. Why not try these out today, and see if you can increase your ROI?

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