Every progressive employer is constantly looking for non-conventional ways to foster a work environment where their employees’ potential is optimized, bringing out the best in them which in turn benefits the company. You want to hire the best people to help your business succeed, and you want these people to be happy so they stay in your company.

And while a lot of job seekers are attracted to a great compensation package that offers a huge base pay, a generous bonus allowance, and a few more bonuses when they hit their targets, staying in your company will mean more than monetary benefits. Employee satisfaction and productivity go beyond compensation. In fact, it might be a bit more cost efficient. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to actually keep your employees loyal to your company and steadily motivated to do their job and committed to make your customers happy.

Here are five ways to boost your employees’ creativity and productivity in the workplace:

Provide On-Site Health Services

Health is one of the greatest assets of an employer as it is an employee’s. Keeping your staff in great mental and physical shape enables them to focus well on their tasks and perform their best. This is one reason why everyone working for Google is happy, healthy, and oh so great at what they do. In addition to on-site medical doctors and nurses, there are also physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists present on the Google campus.

Paid Time Off for Volunteer Projects

Social consciousness is one characteristic value of millennials. In fact, numerous studies show that this generation in particular values businesses which are dedicated to doing good in the world. The Goddard School, Zimbra, and Jennifer Adams Worldwide are some of the companies that provide their employees paid time off or flexible work hours to allow them to participate in volunteer projects. In a recent Business News Daily article, Zimbra CEO Patrick Brandt stressed on the importance of civic engagement in the modern workplace and how it is instrumental in boosting the morale of a company’s staff.

Give Free Tickets and Transportation to Events

A little fun and entertainment every once in a while gives employees some time to unwind and enjoy as a team, and leaves them pumped up and excited to get back to work the next business day. This is exactly what employees of Quicken Loans in Michigan get to enjoy, with CEO Dan Gilbert as owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, employees get to enjoy transportation and tickets to home games, as well as seats for various concerts, comedy shows, and other events that are happening at “The Q”.

Time for Play

All work and no play… you know how it goes. Which is why Zynga has full-size courts where their staff members actually get to play basketball. And that’s not all. This San Francisco-based gaming company also has in-house relaxation lounges where employees can play classic arcade games as well as Nintendo, Xbox 360, and PS3 gaming systems.

 Offer Extra Credit

A little extra credit is always greatly appreciated. At Weebly, their employees are given a company credit card, which they can use for anything they might need during the workday. The web-hosting company also gives them a $50 monthly credit to Exec, a housecleaning and errand-running service, which comes in really handy when they are too busy enjoying other perks at Weebly, such as free meals, gym membership, and bi-monthly massage.

It’s all about valuing your staff enough to try and get to know what matters to them, and offering these as perks to motivate them to value the company and your customers back. In the end, it is always a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee, and of course, the customers!