A lot of women agree that being a stay at home mom is one of the best choices that they have ever made. It is great for kids and it doesn’t mean that those ladies have it easy. On the contrary, they are on call 24/7 and they are working very hard. However, having a kid costs a lot, and some of those stay at home moms decide to start a home business in order to add some extra money to the home budget. Here are the five things that women can do from home.

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If you have a creative note and you feel you can give your opinion about anything and everything, copywriting is a fairly good job for you. Different websites and SEO companies are always in need for writers that can give them interesting and catchy content to put on their websites and other sorts of publications. The instructions for the job are always different and specific and you can easily find your way through them.

Financial Adviser

To become a financial adviser, you cannot just have a degree in finances. You also need to pass the RG146 courses in order to be a real financial adviser. Once you obtain this degree, you need to hunt for clients and start working. This a very good options since you can decide whether you can handle one, two or many more clients, depending on the time you have.


A lot of online and offline courses need to have their written form. The same goes for the movies and other types of videos. Your job would be to listen to those and to turn everything you hear into text. This is very hard to do when the kids are around, so it is better to get only the work that you can complete when the kids are sleep or at school.


Another very interesting and creative gig is to be a designer. There are so many things that you can design and even sell online through the websites like Etsy. Moreover, if you have advanced computer skills, you can master Photoshop and learn how to become a web designer. Online market is full of gigs and jobs that you can find as a web designer.

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You are only a laptop and some knowledge away from your blogging career. While this is very fun and you will enjoy writing your blog on the topics that you really enjoy, it may prove a bit challenging to turn it into a money earning career. You can even start a lifestyle blog that deals with your challenges about being a stay at home mom.

Doing anything else besides being a mother is a true challenge and pure bravery. However, when the times are tough and you need that extra money, you should try and find a way to work from home and give it your best shot. Freelancing means that you are the one that decides on the volume of the work and you can tailor your working hours around your kids’ needs.

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