5 Ideas to Motivate Your Employees Without Money

Money talks. That’s just a fact. It’s as true for your employees as it is for anyone else. But money isn’t the only thing that attracts and keeps your employees. In fact, the best employees are often more motivated by non-monetary incentives than their financial counterparts. Here are some creative ways to motivate your employees without money.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the best ways to motivate employees. If they feel that you respect them as individuals and understand that work is not always the most important thing in their lives, they will return that respect and work harder for you and your organization. Some ways you can offer flexibility to your employees are:

  • Allow them to work from home one day each week.
  • Let them choose their schedule each day (within a certain timeframe).
  • Offer job-sharing opportunities.
  1. Make Them Feel Valued

The best employees, and the ones you want to fight hard to keep, are the ones who believe in your company and want to help it grow and succeed. But you will never make these employees happy if you don’t value them as individuals and recognize their contribution. To motivate these employees:

  • Listen!
  • Host brainstorming sessions where employees can break out of the box.
  • Make sure employees know when you are implementing their ideas.
  1. Mix Things Up

Especially in an office environment, it’s easy to get bored. Your company’s mission or values might motivate your employees, but if the day to day is too monotonous, they might pack up and leave. Here are some ways you can mix things up:

  • Have a new person run the meetings each day.
  • Allow pets to come to work some days.
  • Host social events for your team.
  1. Be Clear

One of the best ways to lose great people is to be vague about expectations. Businessman and entrepreneur Mark Cuban recommends a flat business structure, so you don’t have managers reporting to managers, as this creates unnecessary tension and frustration. Other ways to be clear with employees are:

  • Set realistic and attainable goals for your employees.
  • Give clear expectations, and allow your employees to feel empowered to ask questions if they don’t understand.
  1. Be a Good Leader

Employees are more likely to be motivated by a great leader with a so-so company than a great company with an awful leader. To be a great leader:

  • Set a good example. Make sure you are working hard and demonstrating to your employees the work ethic you expect.
  • Be respectful of both superiors and subordinates.
  • Be a mentor to your employees, and offer them a career path.

Great people are the backbone of any great company. But you don’t have to go broke trying to keep them around. Sometimes it just takes extra time and energy to find creative ways to keep them motivated and excited about their jobs!

About the Author:

Kenneth Waldman. Kenneth is a Professional Writer and also an Editorial Assistant at essay writing company EssayMama. The areas of his interest include the latest education trends and technologies, digital marketing, social media.