If a lot of potential customers land on your product or service page and shortly disappear without completing the form or making a buying decision, you are probably losing the opportunity to convert them. So how can you capitalize on those lost opportunities and attract more prospects to your website?

Whether you are running an ecommerce store, a fashion brand, a real-estate business, a dental clinic or a home store, marketers are always looking for effective ways to win more and new customers. Retargeting is an effective tool that marketers can use to reattract visitors who have previously visited their website but didn’t make the desired action.

People visit your website for a reason. If they don’t take the desired action on the first visit to your website, it simply doesn’t mean that they are not interested in your services or products. It may mean that they are not interested at this point in time and may need more information or convincing. Through retargeting, you can pull those interested visitors back to your website by showing ads multiple times and if they click on it, it will take them directly to the landing page where they can take the desired action.

If truth be told, retargeting serves as a digital reminder to your prospects who visit a lot of websites every day. If done correctly, retargeting techniques can keep you at the center of their buying decisions. In addition, running an effective retargeting campaign can significantly lower the cost of acquiring new customers.

If you want to reattract your potential customers, here are some necessary tweaks that every marketer should make to their retargeting strategy in order to improve the number of conversions, and eventually sales down the road.

Let’s dive into them.

  1. Communicate Your Offer Clearly

When it comes to reattracting your potential customers, it is indispensable to create a designated landing page where you can place interesting CTAs, useful information and interesting images to catch the interests of your prospects and convey your message clearly. If visitors clicked on your retargeting ad, it is a clear indication that they are interested in your offer, not in your business story or team. Don’t direct them to the home page and leave them to search around your website for the desired product on their own.

Make it easy for your visitors and direct them to an optimized landing page that incorporates all the relevant information and persuasive CTAs for that specific product or service. You can consult a professional web design agency to create a landing page for you, that is attractive and effective simultaneously, communicates your offer clearly and allow people to convert easily.

  1. Offer a Seamless User Experience

Creating a dedicated landing page is merely not enough; you need to create a good user experience. The ad and landing page should complement each other visually. For instance, if your ad features a soft and subtle color scheme, send your visitors to a landing page that follows the same color scheme in order to provide them with a seamless user experience.

  1. Target Your Audience

Retargeting campaigns work well when you keep your intended audience in mind and display ads to only those few who abandoned your website without completing the desired action. In fact, audience segmentation is a terrific way to figure out who is being targeted so that relevant ads are pushed out according to the users’ interests. For instance, if one user has a leather jacket in their cart, while another is looking for t-shirts, does it make sense to show the same ad to both the users as their intent is different and each is looking for a different product.

Audience segmentation makes it much easier for savvy marketers to get to grips with the behavior and intent of users and give them more control of who they reach out to. This way you can tailor your targeted message specifically for them. By delivering relevant, targeted and personalized ads to your visitors, you can maximize the value and revenue of your business.

  1. Add Value to Your Offer

Keep in mind, that the ultimate goal of retargeting ads is to draw the future customers back to your website. Sadly, many marketers make the mistake of bombarding your visitors with aggressive advertising. In return, prospects feel irritated and make a conscious decision not to purchase from your website. Avoid making this mistake and create retargeting ads that deliver immense value while helping your target audience achieve their goals. You can include discount offers, coupon codes and anything else that provides value to your visitors.

  1. Avoid Ad Fatigue

When people see your ad again and again, they can get annoyed and stop thinking about your brand. Avoid showing same ads over and over again to the same audience as it can make your retargeting campaigns less effective while making a negative impact on your ROI. Rather than exhaust your audience, delight them by changing visuals.

To avoid ad fatigue, you can create multiple ad copies to reduce your chances of seeing the same ad numerous times. It is advised to keep your ad frequency low by using the frequency capping feature of Display Network. It will limit the number of times your ad shows to the same audience while reducing ad fatigue.

Key Takeaways

Believe it or not, retargeting is your second chance to attract and convert potential customers who have already shown an interest in your products or services, into loyal customers. It works well when you have relevant data about your prospects to tailor personalized messages for them. Make sure you are displaying relevant ads to the right people. It is also important to test and tweak your advertisements to get the desired results.

You can come up with an effective retargeting strategy by keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind. It is always a great idea to survey your ideal customers and discover their interests, shopping behavior and desires so that you can create advertisements specifically tailored to them and deliver what they actually want from your brand. This way, you increase brand awareness and convince your prospects to buy your products and services.

Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali is an experienced digital marketer and a search engine marketing specialist who is currently associated with Branex, as senior digital marketer and brand strategist.