workplace injuriesInjuries happen all the time in the workplace, and they’re always when you least expect it. Because workplace injuries can and do happen, it’s your job to educate yourself on how to avoid them at all costs. These are five of the most common workplace injuries and how to avoid them.

Vehicle Accidents

Companies that allow their employees to drive company vehicles see automobile accidents frequently. These types of accidents can be avoided by encouraging the company to enforce driving policies and provide employee driving training.

Repetitive Motion Accidents

Repetitive motion injuries are less noticeable as they get worse over time. These types of injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, vision complications, and back pain. Ergonomic equipment and periodic exercises can help eliminate the chance for these types of injuries to develop. These types of jobs must be watched as these types of accidents/injuries don’t immediately bear any symptoms. Many months often need to take place before symptoms of these types of conditions become noticeable.

Falling Object Injuries

In some cases, employees can suffer injuries from standing beneath a falling object. An object might fall from a shelf, or it might be accidentally dropped by another person. Protection gear, such as hard hats, can lessen the chance of this happening. Raising overall awareness helps too.

Falling from Heights Accidents

These types of accidents are often seen in workplaces with physical labor. A construction worker might fall from a roof, or an electrician might lose his balance while attempting to repair a light pole. Faulty and weak equipment must be replaced to avoid this happening, and the proper protection and training must be enforced for employees.

Slipping/Tripping Injuries

Lastly, slipping and tripping weighs in as the second most common workplace injury. Slips and falls often occur in the workplace due to wet or icy floors that have yet to be cleaned up. An employee can avoid slipping and falling in the workplace by paying more attention to his/her surroundings and wearing the proper type of shoes for a wet work environment.

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Overall, it’s always important to use safety and precaution while at work to avoid a nasty injury that could wind up causing trouble for you down the line physically and financially. Think before you do something, and always keep your safety ahead of everything else at work.

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