Data Security

Data security matters. Without control over your business information, you have no control over your company. Think about the data your business collects and manipulates every day, and you will recognize that you will recognize its importance. Everything from payroll to documentation requires a safe data environment that keeps your company, employees, and customers safe. The following five reasons will help you understand why you must take the leap to improve your data security.

1. Operational Continuity

Your business must control its information to stay functional. Almost every aspect of your business depends on information systems, so if you lose data due to system failures, negligence, theft or natural disaster, your company could mortally suffer. No department within your organization can operate if your business loses its data.

Improving data security might involve simple concepts such as turning off connected computers, devices and machines after hours. Using the Shavlik Protect Power Pack and related products, your firm can conveniently and safely power down equipment on evenings and weekends. The action reduces the chance of unauthorized access to your data as well as your consumption of electricity.

2. Safeguard Trade Secrets

Data networks contain all the information that pertains to business. Intruders can compromise the information that makes your company great. If your competitors happen to steal or buy it, they can easily copy the secrets that have given you a competitive edge.

3. Protect Customer Interests

Customers implicitly (and sometimes explicitly) trust that your company will safeguard the information they supply while engaging in business transactions with your firm. Should hackers or industrial spies gain access to that information, your customers will lose confidence in you, creating existential challenges

4. Liability

Depending on the type of security breach your company might experience, you might face civil or criminal penalties for failing to secure your business data. If hackers got hold of your entire customer list, including names, addresses, phone number, email addresses, and credit card numbers, the can steal your clients’ identities and wreak havoc on their bank accounts. You should not risk the bad publicity and financial liability that can result.

5. Regulations

Legal and regulatory requirements for data security might affect your company, making the leap into better data security a must. For example, financial services firms and healthcare providers must have a minimum level of data security in place before they can operate. Failure to recognize and comply with all local, state and federal rules that apply to your operation can result in penalties or the forfeit of your ability to do business in your field.

Data security matters. It can make the difference between success and failure for your business. Take time now to evaluate the state of data security on your network. Get professional help. The time, effort and money you spend now will richly reward you by securing your future.

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