A visual marketing strategy powers up a business to draw customers and clients to them. Companies’ art and design distinguish them from their competitors. People look for their products and services after repeated exposures to a business’s unique aesthetics and moments of brand recognition. Art helps businesses drive consumers to this compulsion.

Art Inspires Emotion
Even the most bland or pedestrian products and services come alive when wrapped in an artistic, visually-compelling package. Colors, images of other people and even animals or natural landscapes provoke different emotional reactions in people. These feelings spark identification with a business on a deeper level than information and text alone.

Art Drives the Web 2.0
The second generation of the web arose to meet consumer demand for interaction with businesses, celebrities and each other. Information-only websites and bland chat rooms gave way to blogs, social media, and shareable content. As text and information became less important than eye-catching visuals and attention-grabbing images, art in business marketing became just as critical as audio-driven commercials and radio advertising.

Visuals Sear Messages into Memory
According to the go-to digital marketing specialist HubSpot, people remember only 10% of what they hear the next day. However, they can recall up to 65% of information they see three days later. Businesses can not afford to leave art out of their messaging. When consumers encounter excellent spoken or written details, and the same information is available in a visually-compelling form, businesses strike twice.

Constant Advertising
Companies like Schilling Graphics specialize in applying the most durable prepress, silkscreen and emulsion techniques to insure your brand’s logo and artwork remains attached to your products forever. Even when potential customers tune out others under headphones and other tasks, their eyes continue to take in the world around them. This is why billboards and promotional products draw so more customers than direct sales, as customers familiarize with a business’s brand on their own terms without trying.

Permanent Branding
Information and text inevitably evolve to fit business expansions and adjustments to industry changes. However, a business’s celebrity endorser, animated product ambassadors or unique logo remain static and recognizable for years. Businesses should choose graphic artists and content creation firms who maintain electronic and physical file storage systems, to protect their business’s visual assets from permanent loss or damage.

Photographic and graphic art add the standout logos and exciting visuals to a company’s marketing materials and efforts. Solid customer service is the root of business success, so it is important the sales force and business representatives can give consumers information clearly and thoroughly. Combining this with top-notch visual art insures business marketing, and advertising impresses customers even when they are not listening or searching.

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