With almost 50 percent of businesses embracing big data as an industry force, it is becoming more and more necessary for other firms to follow suit, or risk falling behind. While there are some businesses that remain hesitant, embracing big data can provide countless benefits in the daily operations and long-term performance of any firm, regardless of its size or field. Although it is generally associated with the technology realm, implementing big data can be beneficial in many different industries and its positive effects have already been felt in health care, agriculture, and retail. By providing more content storage and therefore more personalized service, big data has proven to be advantageous for every employee in all branches of a business. And when it comes to analyzing information and streamlining performance, deploying a strategy that provides excess information and analytics allows firms to always stay in line with competitors and industry leaders. Check out the infographic below for more information on how big data can help your business:

Big Data