Some businesses completely revolve around the waiting area. It doesn’t matter if the customer is waiting while the service is being performed, or if the service providers simply can’t manage all the customers, so some have to wait. Whatever the case – having a well-adapted waiting room can really make a difference. People don’t like to wait, and in this fast world where quite a lot of people are following the premise that time is money, you must find the perfect way to address those that wait in order to avoid their anger and nervousness.

We’ve searched the web, and we’ve found some of the best solutions business owners choose when it comes to setting up the waiting area. These general practices can make your business really stand out, and they can help you provide your customers with a quite interesting waiting period. This can really boost your business in various ways, so, without further ado, let’s dive in and learn how to make the best possible waiting space for your business.

Offer free WiFi

Since the old days, people are used to having something to read while they wait. From bus stops, metro stations, hair salons and countless other businesses, you’re expected to see someone reading. This habit is still very active, but with the development and evolution of technology, the things we read have also changed. With so much free content all over the internet, and with free virtual libraries, people these days tend to use their devices to try and cut the waiting time a bit shorter. This is the best opportunity you can get. Setting up a guest WiFi network, a free, complementary connection to the internet from your business will allow your customers to spend their time doing what they want online. This way you know they are not getting bored, and there’s a bonus – with your guest WiFi network, your customers can leave social comments and reviews for your business, improving your online presence. Talk to your internet provider and learn how to set up a guest network.

Engage in social media check-ins

Encouraging your customers to do a virtual “check-in” and leave a digital footprint while using your WiFi could also be quite helpful for your business. If you can make some kind of an offer for online check-ins, like a discount, or a limited promotion, you can get better online reach and get involved in a targeted digital marketing campaign, but you also get satisfied customers. With such interactive online experience, your customers don’t get the feeling they’re losing time, while your social media marketing and digital marketing teams get fresh materials to use for your next advertising campaign.

Create a comfortable waiting area

One of the most important aspects of any waiting room is definitely comfort. If your business requires a lot of people waiting, you must make sure that the area they’re waiting in suits their needs. No one wants to sit on a tight wooden stool for hours. Make sure that the furniture is comfortable, but not too soft. Don’t forget about your visitors and customers with special needs, so include their needs when you’re planning the area. Make sure that there is enough different furniture so your customers can pick where they want to sit while waiting.

Don’t forget about refreshments

Waiting is something no one likes to do. How many times you’ve had to wait during the hot summer, and the water fountain was nowhere to be found? You have to keep in mind that all your customer’s needs have to be fulfilled during their waiting time to avoid leaving a bad impression. Add cucumber water or lemon water fountains, provide a coffee bar and make sure there are always fresh mints in the bowls around the waiting area. Depending on the type of the business you run, some snacks could also be a good idea.

Create a fun and creative waiting space

Waiting rooms don’t have to be dull and uninteresting. They can be a part of the experience your customers get when they come to your business. There are various things you may try in order to make your customers relax and even enjoy waiting. Adding a TV set is somewhat of a standard, but there are certain businesses that prefer a bit more fun in the waiting area. For example – you can add a jukebox, with specific music that suits your business needs, or you can get the best photo booth for hire and provide loads of fun for your waiting customers. The only limit is your creativity and your imagination.

Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it. These are just some of the tips that can help you understand how to plan out and set up your waiting room. If you’re in a business that requires your customers to wait for some periods of time, these tips can help you out. Think about your waiting experiences and think what would have changed those for better. After that – you need some planning and organizing, but you can say goodbye to all the negative comments about long waiting lines at your business.