If your business has a surplus of funds in your account, then you’re definitely doing something right. Aside from saving it and putting it aside for a rainy day, however, there are some very good ways to spend some extra money around your office to increase your productivity and appease your workers. Here are five worthwhile purchase ideas to make with a business surplus.

1. Education

A good option is to invest any surplus money back into your employees. Start a program to pay for their educations, or use the money to pay for your employees to attend industry seminars or continuing education programs. Making this investment will result in well-rounded employees with more knowledge, as well as show them that your company is invested in their careers. This will, in turn, make them more loyal to you.

2. New Office Furniture

Purchasing new office furniture from a company like Affordable Business Interiors will not only upgrade the look of your office but can also boost the health of your employees. For example, buying office chairs that offer better support will help prevent back pain from working at desks all day. This will all serve to bolster the morale and productivity of your employees.

3. Upgraded Tech and Appliances

If your copier is very old or you could use a new postage machine, now would be a good time to buy some upgrades. The same is true if your employees have been clamoring for a coffee maker or your microwave died three months ago. Upgrading or purchasing new equipment will make life much easier for your employees. In addition, newer computers that don’t crash frequently or run slowly will keep employees productive and less frustrated.

4. Upgraded Software

Software continues to update and change, so especially if your office is running software that’s over five years old, it’s likely a good time for an upgrade. Newer software not only offers better security features but is generally more user-friendly for your employees too. Also, look into new software programs that might be specially tailored to your industry and that could benefit your business greatly.

5. Building Improvements

For example, if people trip on your carpet because it is beginning to roll or you have a dead tree on your grounds that has been sitting there being an eyesore for months, you should get those taken care of. There are two good reasons for this: it can help your business avoid costly lawsuits and gives your building a cleaner, more professional appearance that will bolster employee morale and impress clients.

There are plenty of ways to spend or invest a business surplus, but there are definitely some purchases you can make that are more worthwhile than others. Consider purchases of all of the items listed here, and you will likely be glad you did.

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