A business norm in the 21st century: you don’t exist if you’re not on Googleor the Internet. It’s like the online version of “picture, or it didn’t happen.”

According to PowerReviews, 81% of consumers start with online research before buying the actual products. This pretty much makes the new catchphrase “website, or you’re not a legit biz” true.

No wonder most businesses and professionals nowadays are heavily invested on their websites. But websites can be an overwhelmingly tough asset to put up and maintain, especially with all the accumulated SEO noise.

At the start, there are the expensive hosting and domain fees. Then, you’ll need web designers to build the backend and frontend architecture. Get good writers to churn valuable content and copy. There’s also the perpetual work of buffing up your site’s security and cultivating your content marketing.

Thinking about how big of an investment a website is, you need to believe that your site will do its job. No, scratch that. You need to make it do its job of engaging web visitors by:

  • Getting new subscriptions or leads
  • Having your content read, viewed or shared more
  • Selling products or services

When your site is not doing what is expected, you just don’t go staring at your web analytics minute after minute, hoping for the numbers to pick up. You think of quick ways of stirring up visitor activity.

Lucky you, this article has 6 quick ways to resuscitate your stale website engagement.

Embed social

Social media platforms and third-party apps have good reasons for enabling embed codes on your online properties. It’s to expand your reach of connecting to your audience at a personal level.

Here are the commonly used social integrations that you can also try:

  • Format the important points in your blog as tweetable texts
  • Add your Instagram wall on your website if aesthetics is your brand’s strength
  • Screenshot or embed user testimonials that you’ve found on Facebook or Twitter

If your reader finds them relatable, they’re likely going to interact with them. When they do, hooray! You just increased your chance of going viral.

Put these social media aggregators to good use and hit up the power of social media right on your website.

Offer content upgrades

Content upgrades are bonus content that you give to people in exchange for their email address.

You can think of them as lead magnets, but they’re usually more specific in nature. Access to this content usually comes in the form of subscription boxes and are found in the middle (and/or bottom) sections of selected articles or blog posts on a related topic.

So, for example, you are blogging about website metrics that measure your web engagement, you can include a freebie content with spreadsheet templates that your readers can use in measuring theirs.

Aside from spreadsheets, here are more types of content that you can create:

  • Printable checklists
  • E-books or mini guides
  • White papers or survey reports
  • Picture files (if you’re in the creative biz)

Play with quizzes

Nope, they’re not the pop quiz that we all dread back when we were still in school. They’re more like the fun and easy-to-take kind of quizzes that are meant to attract a targeted audience as leads.

You probably see them online quite a lot. Though they seem counterproductive, they can actually be effective marketing tactics for your brand. That is, as long as you’re strategic enough when building your quiz.

The targeted clients are likely to be more willing to hand in their email address to get their results, especially if they’re dying to know “which type of coffee” they are.

Showcase product demos, when possible

You probably know about the world-famous Tempur-Pedic wine glass. If your memory needs refreshing, then playing this ad will help.

This ad, which has people jumping up and down on a mattress left a cunning impression on the viewers. Why? Because a wine-filled glass on the very same mattress is still standing strong, unspilled. Outstanding product demo, eh?

So, how can you pull off a similar strategy on your website if you don’t have a smart ad video to embed? Here are ideas.

  • Dedicate a page where visitors can try out your product for free or give free trials (excellent for vendors of website themes or apps and SaaS companies)
  • Give out free samples of your products in exchange of their email addresses
  • Send discount coupons to people who will subscribe to your newsletter

What makes product demos effective is that when users get to experience the feel of your product or service, their perceived risks decrease, and their interest is fed. And when they do like it, their exposure makes them a little more attached and invested, spiking up the chances of them becoming your next clients.

Don’t play hide-and-seek with your web visitors

Web surfers are usually busy people with an attention span that’s lesser than that of a goldfish. So, when people land on your website, you wouldn’t want to waste that opportunity.

Know the information that they need to learn about you and your business and keep the access to this information easy to find. Don’t drown those links deep in your website.

Keep your web visitors engaged and happy by:

  • Having an easy navigation to help them find the content that they need
  • Exposing your contact information or contact form on your homepage
  • Making sure your site’s mobile-friendly (with all the important text and images showing properly)

Upping the engagement of your website is still a strategy game. You don’t need to stuff your site with all these suggestions or pick a suggestion which is the easiest or cheapest to implement.

Pick out the ones that complement your current efforts and the ones which can help you attain the marketing goals that you have set.

Good luck! Increasing your site’s user engagement will position your website as a vital anchor that will propel your company’s growth.

About the Author: 

Aiza C. is a content developer for EmailMeForm, an online form and survey builder. Educating users on how online forms impact business growth and productivity is what keeps her busy.

Photo by Fabian Grohs on Unsplash