One of the most important aspects of branding, and of business, in general, is the logo. In fact, it holds great importance to many of the biggest brands known today, such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Apple, FedEx, Nike, and Coca-Cola. In the small- and medium-scale business sector perspective, having an iconic brand helps them to attract attention from new customers, allowing them to bring their brand on the same playing field as their bigger competitors.

In order to create a successful business logo, it is imperative to understand how it can impact a brand and the importance of each of its fundamental components. For novices, a logo is a visual device that is used to set a company or an organization apart from other businesses or groups in their industry. It has to symbolize the organization’s culture, core values, and the quality product or service it offers to its target market.

An effective logo is one that is easy to understand and stays relevant through the ages. It is unique, fitting, practical, graphic, simplistic, and most importantly, bears an intended message. Creating a logo can be quite challenging especially for startups, but when done right, it can bring significant results into a business.

To learn the fundamentals of a successful logo, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below from Emedia Creative which itself discuss the six actionable steps to create a winning logo for your business.

  • Work with an experienced design agency.
  • Choose the right color palette.
  • Make it simple.
  • Make sure the logo is in vector file format.
  • Create a version optimized for social media
  • Make sure that the logo is an original design.

Check out the infographic to learn more.