These days, the stories about the time when your first job was probably your last job, and people worked from nine to ten seem like a part of some distant, bygone era. In a contemporary setting, people are forced to make at least three drastic career changes before they could even think of retirement. Is there any way to bring order into this chaos? Yes – starting your own small business where you’ll be in charge. Despite general belief the only two things you need to go this route are can-do attitude and a couple of good ideas. Let us see if we can help you with the latter requirement.

Online Retail

Online retail has to be one of the fastest-growing professions in existence. And yet, it seems that there is more than enough job for everyone. Why? Well, the demand for resold goods is rising exponentially fast as the offer and the number of available niches you can sink your teeth in is virtually inexhaustible. For a start, you should rely on the available online trading platforms and goods you are familiar with (e.g. clothes, books or video games). As the time goes by you should expand your offer and set up your own online store.


People are slowly growing tired of uniform branded products. If you are proficient in any remotely useful craft, whether it be knitting, sewing, leatherwork, blacksmithing or woodwork, you can use this demand to monetize your skills. There are two rules you should abide, though. First – you need to be pop culture aware. Second – you need to have at least some knowledge in online marketing. Pay attention to both of them because you will spend the first couple of months scouring social networks for nostalgic and reference-savvy Millennials.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning is something any one of us can do. However, not every one of us likes to clean. This is where you come in. The up-front investments you will have to make will be very small and they boil down to basic equipment (beware though, some customers like yacht, and pool owners will have special requirements) and short, but effective, social media marketing campaign. Everything beyond that is entirely up to your skill and ability to grow your one-man army.

Electronics/Cellphone/PC Repair Service

Although we are often very afraid to pry into the personal affairs of our electric-powered friends, all the devices we mentioned above operate on a fairly simple logic. Repairing them is equally as simple – nothing that can’t be tackled with enough online tutorials and a couple of steady hands. As you become proficient and start earning more, you can begin buying and reselling used devices and upgrading your small shop with security monitoring (customers won’t be willing to entrust you their thousand-buck daily drivers if you can’t guarantee them safety).

Delivery Service

Setting up your own delivery service doesn’t require anything but spacious vehicle and, of course, a valid driver’s license. A bigger problem you will have to face is how to differentiate yourself from the competition and keep your business viable. Our advice would be to concentrate on some niche market (e.g. doing groceries for elderly citizens) and keeping things local. Once you start gaining profit you will easily expand your fleet with new vehicles, start doing more demanding activities like moving, and hire additional employees.

Senior Care

Another very simple, and very scalable business. In its essence, senior care is an amalgam of several other popular self-employment options like errand, cleaning, cooking, and nursing services. Once you finish a few courses and acquire necessary licenses, you will have two options ahead of you – you can try to do everything on your own or you can connect with people with similar skills and try to offer more comprehensive service.


Catering is yet another profession which remains viable due to seemingly inexhaustible demand. And once again, your overall success will depend less on your cooking skills and more on your knowledge of different scenarios you can expect down the road (kids’ birthdays, corporate events, weddings, vegan parties, etc.). The better you’re informed of the needs of these unique groups and more specific while providing the answers, the faster you’ll business will grow.

So here you go, seven low-cost small business ideas that should help you to finally start your own thing. Believe us it’s worth the try. There are very few things that feel better than being your own boss.