Typically, we do not pay attention to our office environment and its decoration. We just think about cleaning our homes, streets, tracks, etc. However, we hesitate when it comes to office. Whereas we spend a vast amount of time there and its environment influences our productivity. Besides, it is also helpful in attracting clients. Office maintenance is just as necessary as home maintenance.

Some fundamental but rarely applied techniques can help improve an office environment. In this post, we will explain seven ways to decorate office without disturbing budget.

1. Bring Some Art:

Use some artistic sense on the walls to show your company. It does not mean that you have to decorate the walls with the name or slogan of your company, but you can display the images that match your primary theme. Having one featured wall would not disturb your budget.

2. Think About Some Greenery:

Plants purify the air. They come along with feelings of peace and calmness. Houseplants come in the variety of sizes, shapes, and prices. Search about it on the internet and go for the plants that suit you best. Placing them on the floor, counter or even on your work desk would be a great idea.

3. Use Power of Words:

By words power, we mean to have written phrases on the walls or desks. Motivational phrases have a powerful impact on human mind. Be creative when you are choosing the phrases. Surf on the internet. You will see many options, which include written phrases, book excerpts or famous quotes. A famous interior designer Waits says: “Search online and download a digital photo with the appropriate Commons license. Make it your own by cropping, zooming, or adding custom effects. Enlarge and print a favorite poem, quote, or excerpt from a book. Matted and framed, it can become an unexpected and unique art piece.

4.Bring Family or Friends Photos:

Maybe it sounds weird, but it is very practical. You might argue that it would intermingle personal life with professional life but it will not, as long as it is only about photos. Bringing along your loved one’s photos will release your tension when you are feeling pressurized due to workload. Any unpleasant experience will not have lasting effects if you feel close to your loved ones. Think about different ways to hang the photos. Frames work well, but there are other options. Binder clips, corkboards or clothespins, etc. Hang a wire, and attach photos to it.

5. Hang Chalkboards:

Replace a whiteboard with a chalkboard to add to the decorative touch. It is much trendier as compared to a strikingly white whiteboard. It is a quick and convenient way to take note when you are on the phone.

6. Use Air Fresheners:

You have to spend long hours in the office, probably ranging from eight to twelve. It is essential to maintain healthy and fresh air in office, all the day long. Today, most of the offices built in city areas, have no measures for fresh air. They do not have airy space to maximize the amount of oxygen inside.

To keep your office lively, spray air fresheners after regular intervals. The environment can get smelly if there is no proper ventilation. Do not keep windows closed all the time even if it is cold. Fresh air is vital for health.

7. Heed Curtains:

Curtains are a costly way to elevate the environment. Use command hooks instead of drilling holes. Hooks come in a variety of colors and sizes. Choose the best fabric you can afford. You can find something that goes with your office décor.

Some Little Bonus Tips:

  • Keep notes in colorful holders:  Use colorful holders to keep memos near you. Add important quotes to keep you going.
  • Use Fun Magnets: A simple and cheap way to make a statement. Apply fun magnets on little papers on the wall.
  • Have a Stylish Mug: You are going to have it on your desk all day. Why not have a beautiful mug to elevate your mood.

About the Author:

Hannah is an interior designer by profession, and she knows all the ins and outs of using the right quality of the furniture for home decor. She is also a blogger who loves to write about the home maintenance tips and tricks. She regularly posts on workedge.co.