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Updated 12/7/2014: hey guys, I was alerted that the Google Spreadsheet template link was not working. It’s updated as of today!

If you’ve ever gone into Google Adwords without a well-thought out plan, you probably know how easy it is to make a mess of things.  You need to have a clear idea of what campaigns you will have, what ad groups those campaigns will contain, the content of your ads, and the keywords for each ad group’s focus. (And don’t forget about landing pages!)

This handy Adwords Planning Template (in Excel) can help you organize your campaigns before you dive into your Adwords account to help ensure your campaigns are focused and set up correctly.

Adwords Planning Template

The Adwords planning template contains three campaign tabs, but you can add more as you require.  Each tab assumes three ad groups per campaign and three ads (text ads)–here again, you can edit as you see fit.  You will need to unprotect the Excel spreadsheet first to make any edits.

adwords planning template

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Landing Pages

Not sure where to drive your traffic to from the ads you just created?  I recommend checking out’s infographic showing the Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page.  Don’t waste your ad spending by sending people to your home page and making them hunt for the product or service your ad references.  Take time to make the perfect landing page to accompany your ads (and it’s probably best to create one landing page for each ad group according to some experts).

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Want a version that’s available for Google Spreadsheet?  Here you go.

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