Businesses today face many threats both online and on their premises. With the increase in cyber-crimes and criminals becoming more innovative, businesses need to keep up to date with ways in which they can keep themselves safe from attacks. The following list shows how companies can protect themselves from theft.

Protect Your Business Data

Businesses handle sensitive data such as financial and private information of their clients and employees. If this information fell into the wrong hands, either through cyber-attacks by hacking, or leaked information from an insider, the business could face expensive lawsuits. To protect your businesses against such attacks, use restricted access on your computers to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing sensitive data. Install firewall and antivirus software. Encrypt your internet Wi-Fi connections and change your passwords regularly. Finally ensure you back up all your data to the cloud.

Install a Security Surveillance System

For businesses to deter thieves and burglars from invading their premises, it is crucial to have business security cameras in strategic places on your premises. When installing one, ensure you go for a high-quality surveillance system. Features to look out for include its recording capacity, its alarm system, does it come with an intercom for communicating with outside persons? Does it allow for remote control access so that you can monitor it on other devices like your cell phone? Does it have intelligent software which can detect digital attacks on the system and defend against them? Can you store its data off your premises? The answers to this question will ensure you get value for your money when purchasing your security surveillance system.

Set up Business Policies that Deter Theft

Ensure that your employees know the drill in case of the event of a serious attack on your premises. Human life matters more than goods, and their safety should be the priority. You should also make sure your staff is trained on how to flag down potential threats and sound an alarm in case they notice any suspicious activities. Set up warning signs to indicate areas that are only accessible to your staff. Do not keep your money on the business premises. Instead, routinely empty all your tills and safes and take the money to your bank.

Protect Your Business Equipment

Regularly conduct checks and audits on all your property and equipment. Assign responsibility for specific equipment to particular employees. This helps to increase accountability for the items. Put specific tags and markers on your computers and record their serial numbers. For more expensive items, try to secure them by attaching them to walls or floors. Machines like bicycles can be tied by chains in a secure location while vehicles you can ensure the keys are with specific employees and they are fitted with trackers

Stop Employee Theft

Your business is also at risk internally as your employees may be tempted to steal from you. To prevent this, take time to review the employment history of all your employees if they’re full-time, casual or part-time employees. It is also wise to check for references from their previous employers or clients they might have dealt with. Ensure all your employees are well informed of your company policy concerning theft and the penalties associated with it. Any theft cases should be handled quickly and decisively, and you should be ready to support prosecution lest you encourage others to steal through leniency. Grant access to restricted areas only to few trusted personnel. Keys and security codes should be granted with due caution. Keenly monitor the use of till money and petty cash since both are vulnerable to employee theft and placing a tight grip on its use will deter theft.

Securing your business now does not have to be difficult anymore. Bear the above points in mind whenever you seek to do so. You will be able to make a more informed decision when securing your premises.

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

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