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Business Ownership 101: How to Prepare Your Company for Emergencies and Potential Disasters

Disaster recovery should be at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. This critical part of business planning can mean the difference between survival and bankruptcy in the worst case disaster scenarios. Understanding how to prepare your business for potential emergencies or disasters can give you peace of mind and help to develop a robust recovery plan. Succession Planning
 In the event that you or another executive are no longer able to work due to an emergency, it is important to know who will step up to take on those responsibilities. As a business owner, planning for a transfer of business assets to a family member or trusted associate is important, as well.

 Data Management
 More companies than ever rely on large amounts of data for their everyday needs, which can present a number of potential disaster scenarios. It is important to develop a plan to ensure that company data is accessible or recoverable in the case of a disaster such as server failure or physical damage to servers. Many companies offer off-site data backups or real-time mirroring to mitigate the dangers of local data loss. Testing and Revision
 Test your plan as much as possible and revisit it every few years to ensure that it remains relevant and effective. As conditions change, disaster scenarios can change as well. For example, your plan may include provisions for dealing with...

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14 Default Windows Programs That You’re Not Using But Should

Trusty old Windows comes in for a bit of a knocking from time to time. Yes, your PC isn’t as sexy as a Mac, and there are security and functionality issues that arise from time to time. But Windows has its strengths, too. It’s relatively cheap to run a PC, and Windows gives you a clear view under the hood, which can make it both affordable and versatile for a small business. What’s more, those who hanker for the seemingly endless apps and gadgets that Apple’s operating system provides can benefit from looking closer to home. In fact, Windows...

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5 Ways to Create Customer-Driven, Profitable Content for Your Business Website

The evolutionary jump made from catchphrases and the promotional nature of adverts to nowadays content is considerable. If a couple of decades ago your product would come out with flashy imagery and keywords that were obvious to everyone, nowadays content marketing places the focus on customer satisfaction and utility. The 3 Increases The change is caused by three increases: An increase in the number of channels of direct and immediate communication between company and customers. Previously, deducing your customer’s detailed opinion of a product was possible mainly through its sales performance. An increase in competition. Methods of producing or...

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Why Your Warehousing Business Needs the Best Safety Procedures

Running a warehouse is an essential operation for many businesses. Even someone who has never managed this type of facility knows that safety is a major concern. Learn a few reasons why safety procedures are crucial for your warehousing business. Improve Streamlined  Operations

Fast speed is the main goal of all shipping and delivery services. Getting the customers’ products to the right destinations on time is important. To maintain safety on the warehouse floor, it’s necessary to remove the clutter and keep the inventory organized.

 With a neat, well-organized system in place, your business operations are streamlined and easier to...

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How to price your products in three easy steps

Pricing your product is very important. If you don’t get the price right, then you won’t be attracting as many buyers as you like. Go too cheap, and you could even end up losing money or working so hard you can’t get a moment to yourself. Here’s how to set up your pricing in three easy steps. 1. Explore the marketplace The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the marketplace for your product. Find similar items by other sellers. How much are they on sale for? Try to track stock if you...

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