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Millions of people worldwide are thinking about starting a new business. However, simply having enough money to invest isn’t enough. The tricky part is to choose what to invest it in. An idea for a new business can come from a careful market analysis, or it can be as simple as creating a service…(Read More)

The legal profession has always been one of the industries slow to implement technological advancements in its processes. Despite advancement in recent years that has proven to amplify work efficiency and productivity, the legal profession has still stuck to its common culture regarding using technology in its daily workload. Forbes attributes this to a mindset…(Read More)

Blogging has been and continues to be one of the best ways to earn money and grow your own little business on the Web. But many bloggers don’t take the financial side of things into consideration and end up disorganized, not doing what they should be doing, or even losing money. Even if you…(Read More)

Small businesses can often be slow to catch on to retail trends, particularly if they tend to demand a high budget. But these 7 trends are going to be big in 2017 for all kinds of small businesses – so if you want to get involved, start now to beat the curve. 1. Web presence…(Read More)

Beloved video game company Nintendo recently debuted its latest console, the Switch, to a somewhat mixed reception. Reactions to the concept behind the console had been extremely positive, but the latest revelation of pricing and launch specifics has got the cold shoulder. So what went wrong for the industry veterans, and what can they and…(Read More)

A cherry picker is a hydraulic crane also known as an articulated boom lift, or mobile elevating work platform. Its purpose is to raise and lower people like fruit pickers, gutter cleaners, or building workers who work high up in difficult areas to reach. They were originally designed to help cherry pickers harvest the crop…(Read More)