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Looking for work can be a job itself: infinite applying for different job positions, sending resumes, writing motivational letters and so on. As in every job, there are tools that can help us improve everyday work and achieve better results. So, why don’t  you do the same with your job search? Help yourself with…(Read More)

Finding a way to cut into unemployment numbers seems like a never-ending battle. In recent years, small businesses have become a secret weapon in the war against unemployment, as they account for a significant amount of the jobs in the private sector. Startups, entrepreneurs and other forms of small businesses wield more power than…(Read More)

Workplace injuries can have a devastating effect on workers, families and of course companies. It’s important your company complies with best practice workplace safety procedures to ensure the safety of its employees and also to protect yourself against possible liability claims. From employer responsibilities to what to do in the event of an injury…(Read More)

For the past few years, SMS marketing has become an integral part of promoting brands, products, and services for the marketers. They have found SMS marketing among the best and cheap way to reach the maximum targeted audience and get the desired ROI in quick succession. However, because SMS marketing is a  form of promotion…(Read More)

Finding the right team to outsource your development projects to isn’t easy. Even agencies with great portfolios can turn out to be subpar in areas like communication and transparency. Then there are teams that consider themselves the jack of all trades, claiming to be a one-stop shop for all development needs. They have…(Read More)

Some of the largest and most successful companies in the world depend upon quality-outsourced basics, such as logistics. Logistics outsourcing affects factors such as capital costs, operating costs, and revenue growth. In that, it shows up as a reduction in the workforce and freedom from restrictive labour environment, a large geographic coverage, and great…(Read More)

A lot of successful businesses are built on great marketing campaigns and ideas. Not every marketing campaign is meant to sell a product. Some are created to spread the word about the business, some are created to acknowledge their customers, and some created solely to build up a brand name. It is a common mistake…(Read More)