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First Time Manager Infographic

If you’ve just been promoted to your first management role, you’re about to find out why managers get paid the big bucks. Many people find their first management position to be the most stressful of their career. Good management is a learned skill, so you need to accept that you’ve just stepped up onto the bottom of a new learning curve and knuckle down. No-one becomes a good manager without applying themselves to it for a sustained period of time. Don’t let that put you off, however, every year millions of people are promoted to their first management position,...

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Freelancer vs. Agency for SEO: Which is better for Your B2B Business?

If we look at the difference between a capable freelancer and a top rated agency on popular job platforms like Upwork, one of the clear differences is that, with a freelancer, you get one man while with an agency, there is a team to cover a certain task. However, although agencies have a team, they take on multiple projects, as they can cover a variety of disciplines, from designing to project management. This is precisely the reason why they charge more than a professional freelancer who only works on single projects within a specific area of expertise. Which leads us to the following question – how big is your company? Or, better yet, how many projects does your business have on its plate? Crucial Factors to Consider Before Making a Choice As mentioned above, business owners have to consider the scope of the project before making a final decision. If it’s a specific project, then the choice should be made between the most talented freelancers, as this is the field in which they thrive without breaking the company’s budget. On the other hand, a set of projects may require a well-developed plan and work divided among those essential areas, which is quite suitable for an agency. Having said that, if the organization already has a marketing plan prepared, then again, a freelancer should not be dismissed easily. As you...

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The Dos And Don’ts Of Job Interviews (Infographic)

In the majority of industry sectors, competition for job roles is fierce. In fact, some positions attract hundreds of applications, so recruiters and HR departments are having to work extra hard to whittle down the CVs and select the candidates they want to meet with in a face-to-face interview. If your CV has done the initial work for you and you’re one of the lucky candidates chosen to attend an interview, you’ve been given the perfect opportunity to really sell yourself to your potential new employer. It’s vital that you take the time to prepare yourself adequately for the...

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Companies under Threat From Data Security Breaches And Compliance Risks

The fallouts from data breaches in prominent companies and the revelations of sensitive information splashed across public networks greatly highlight the dangers of document protection breaches and associated compliance risks to organisations. When sensitive and classified information is disclosed to the public at large, it has inherently varied and substantial complications not only for those names disclosed in the breached documents but also for anyone else that has been affected by the information disclosed and fringe elements who may have had transactions with the people and entities. Unfortunately, whenever there are instances of accusations regarding efforts to hide or...

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Job Hunting In the Digital Age: Reputation, Resumes & Video Interviews

In this day and age, the process of education as well as job search has also gone through vast changes. Technological advancements have changed the way we do everything. So, it is natural that we also need to prepare for our job hunts. Especially if you look deeper into the most competitive MBA courses, the ones that require extremely high GMAT scores. You will also find that they are not only focusing on these scores. Since the competition is high and almost everyone is applying into these top colleges, they need something extra to screen the applicants and shortlist...

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