Author: Lizzie Weakley

The Modern Store Front: How to Make Sure Yours Runs Successfully

It has long been a maxim of retail that a new look sells better. This is especially true with changes in the seasons, milestones during the sales year, during and after special offers, and at various other times when a store needs to focus customer attention on an important product or new product. As dated as it might seem, the Main Street storefront is still a magnetic force in retail. Presented right, it can draw a crowd like nothing else. It can serve as a means of generating business for other businesses in the area, not to mention the...

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Under Renovation: How to Make Sure Your Business Gets Back to Running on Schedule

Renovations are tricky, yet essential events to factor into your business’ schedule. While changes and improvements can lead to advantages in the long run, the time, they take to implement often cause significant disadvantages in the short term. However, overlooking essential renovations could lead to disastrous results. For this reason, it is important to bite the bullet and make the restorations that are necessary. To help business returns smoothly, here are a few steps to take to ensure business runs smoothly after renovation. Make a Schedule Business should always operate on a schedule. Even if the times are not...

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Going Global: Top 5 Tips for Moving Your Business Overseas

Domestic markets are in most cases favorable for most entrepreneurs. However, it is never enough for growth-minded business people. Entering foreign markets can be challenging and equally rewarding. Increasing profits, lower operating costs, business friendly laws, government incentives and the presence of untapped markets are among the primary reasons for venturing foreign markets. If you are seeking to grow your business overseas, you might need to factor in the following tips. . Understand Foreign Culture Different geographical areas have different cultures. Research indicates that only 25 percent of United States’ ventures overseas are successful. Lack of enough research about...

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Proprietary Information: 4 Ways to Keep Your Company Data Safe from Hackers

Data is everything in this digital age. Stored information including passwords, usernames, personal details, and contacts are sensitive details that should be kept away from the filthy claws of people who don’t mean well for your organization. According to statistics posted in Small Biz Trend, cyber security attacks targeted small companies, 60 percent of which closed down six months after the attack. Luckily, there are methods and strategies you can implement to encrypt your data and save your organization from loss, total system breakdown, or even embarrassment. Protect Data From Within Data risk is not just about cyber-attacks and...

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Managing Inventory: How to Make Sure Your Warehouse Company is a Success

The hidden part that drives the business models in most economies across the globe is warehousing. Most emphasis is often put on the consumers forgetting how important warehouses are for manufacturers, retailers, and distributors to get the products to the market. These small and large businesses have to depend on the limited resources and the people who run operations in their warehouses in order to cut a competitive edge in the modern markets. Here are ways on how you can successfully utilize the available resources to boost productivity in your warehouse. Employ Qualified People The first step is ensuring...

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