Author: Stacy Jackson

Check Out the FormSwift SWOT Guide

What is SWOT?

SWOT is an acronym that stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats.

SWOT analysis is a methodological tool designed to help workers and companies optimize performance, maximize potential, manage competition, and minimize risk. SWOT is about making better decisions, both large and small. It can help you determine the efficacy of something as small as introducing a new product or service or something as large as a merger or acquisition. Again, SWOT is a method that, once mastered, can only enhance performance.


As a small business owner, you may have already gone through the steps of putting together a SWOT analysis. If you are a new entrepreneur — or just thinking about starting your own business — maybe the concept of a SWOT analysis is new to you.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. When you take the time to complete a SWOT analysis, you can make better decisions for your business and brand.

Learn more about how a SWOT analysis can help your business by checking out “An Essential Guide to SWOT Analysis” on the Formswift website.

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Four Scientifically Proven Ways To Spark An “Aha Moment”

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, it’s important that you are able to think creatively and have breakthrough “aha” moments to help your business grow or overcome obstacles. The question is, are you approaching problems and opportunities with the right mindset? This article on informs us that mental conflict may be the best way to achieve those “aha” moments.

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Raising Entrepreneurial Kids

According to Berkeley economist and former U.S. Labor Secretary, Robert Reich, more than 40% of the U.S. workforce will be freelance/self-employed by 2020. Wow! That’s a pretty significant portion of the working population. For those people with children who will be entering the workforce by then, it’s time to start exposing your children to entrepreneurial ideas and education.

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