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In the workplace, there are some areas or aspects that need to be established. These improvements are vital to the success of a company since it helps with productivity and environment. However, the first concern that managers must be able to pinpoint is the bad practices. Believe it or not, there are several things that can make a workplace a living hell.

Startup companies are actually more prone to these bad business practices. There are places which do not comply with business practices due to the fact that they don’t have as much industry experience or resources to leverage. Let’s explore three of the more common bad practices out there and discuss some possible remedies to the problems.

Equipping your employees with subpar tools

You can’t expect your workers to be at their best when they’re working with insufficient or shoddy equipment. A soldier with World War II weapons and worn-out gear isn’t going to be an effective soldier in this day and age. If your company’s aiming to be competitive in today’s cutthroat market, then you have to have the proper tools for the job.

Assess the needs of your employees and furnish the workspace with the appropriate equipment for their tasks. You don’t have to go on a spending splurge and buy the latest and greatest tools. Dedicate time to research on the most cost-effective solutions available. Don’t forget to factor in maintenance and servicing costs because equipment will inevitably breakdown.

Having poor healthcare for your employees

The proverb “a healthy worker is a productive worker” may be worn-out by now, but it still holds water. Proper healthcare is usually expensive, so some companies skimp out on it – unfortunately, to the detriment of their workers’ well-being, and ultimately, their productivity.

Like having poorly-equipped workers, unhealthy and sickly workers aren’t at their optimal state for work. Providing your employees with regular health checks, as well as ensuring a drug-free workplace are common approaches to the goal. Substance abuse, in particular, is a stealthy problem that can have a big impact on the safety of a working environment.

Drug testing by using hair or saliva drug test kits is a controversial topic, but carefully consider the benefits that a drug-free work space can bring. Aside from safety and productivity issues, there’s also the matter of company reputation and image as well.

Not enough team-building and skill-building events

The industry is ever-changing. Your company should be ever-evolving as well if you want it to survive in the long run. How does a well-oiled company prepare for an uncertain future amidst stiff competition? The answer involves strengthening its foundations – the employees.

Improving the teamwork of the employees can be done through regular team-building events inside and outside of the office. It doesn’t have to be a grand event. There are plenty of low-cost ways to achieve the goal.

Keeping your employees’ knowledge and skills sharp is also part of the deal. Sending them to industry-related conventions and seminars can be greatly beneficial for their growth. Don’t mind the costs, so long as they’re not exorbitant. Your rivals will be doing the same. Don’t let them get the edge over you.

Wrapping up

The work force is essentially the heart and soul of your company. Avoid business practices that devalue the power of your workers. Keep your employees well-equipped, happy and healthy, and updated with the latest skills and information.


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Ansa Williams is a Success Coach, Business Development Consultant, Strategist, Blogger, Traveller, Motivational Writer & Speaker.