Marketing plays a critical role in getting companies recognized in today’s competitive tech industry. Without reliable marketing, it’s unlikely that a new business will attract the customers and investors it needs to survive.

Marketing tech companies have become so important that the number of companies has doubled to nearly 2,000 over the last year. Some sources claim that marketing technology currently represents an average 33 percent of marketing budgets. This impressive growth has happened because companies are dedicating more of their budgets to marketing analytics.

Since there are more marketing tech companies now than ever, you need to know how to distinguish experts from amateurs who can’t give you in-depth services regarding topics like calculating long-term customer care, optimizing calls to action, and collecting data from multiple locations to get a complete picture of a consumer.

Check out this infographic from CopyPress to learn more about how behavior analysis can help you know your audience and maximize your budget. Spending more money on marketing tech services doesn’t automatically mean that you will get a good return on your investment. You need to know how to use your marketing dollars wisely. A company like CopyPress can show you how to take a step-by-step approach to reaching your goals.