promotional productsIt may be hard to believe but by using promotional products you can actually have a loyal clientele while bringing in new customers. Everyone knows the importance of advertising to draw attention to your business, products or services; however, by providing your customers with products they will actually use or wear is a great way to advertise. In many cases, others will see your logo or other sayings on the products which will give your customers the opportunity to provide the best “word of mouth” advertising in the world. What is better a large billboard or a person providing a one on one review of your company?

Recent studies showed that more than half of recipients of promotional products did business with the company, they had a higher regard for the company, and close to 80% could name the advertiser that gave them a promotional product in the last year while only just over half could remember an ad they saw in the newspaper only a week ago.

Almost 60% of those that received promotional products used the product for over a year. Sales personnel noticed an increase in referrals of 22% over those that never used promotional products. Those that received products from advertisers placed reorders almost 20% faster than those that did not receive a product and spent close to 30% more.

When you make the decision to reward your loyal customers with promotional products you will actually be spending your advertising dollars in a much better market than the newspaper, billboards or online ads. Not only will you be promoting your company but you will be providing your customers with items they want to use which will ensure they remember your company.

There are so many options when it comes to promotional printing that you may not even realize exist. The long list of products include writing instruments, drinkware, bags, umbrellas, blankets, calendars, office and desk accessories, buttons, stickers, binoculars, flashlights, gift baskets, mousepads, headphones, chocolates and candy.

The hardest part of using promotional products is determining what products your customers will use. Of course if you own a store that sells camping equipment you will want to use such products as flashlights and binoculars or if you provide services online you may want to stick with office or computer items like mousepads or headphones.

If you are not sure which way to go, you can always choose promotional apparel. Most people love new shirts or other items and if your logo is there, they will certainly give you a good review. You may want to use golf polo shirts for a local golf tournament or even go as far as provide parkas, hoodies, or athletic clothing. There are many different items under apparel that can be used as a great promotional product from outerwear to button shirts to overalls. accepts paid posts and advertorials. We "nofollow" links in paid posts/advertorials and reserve the right to reject paid post requests if we feel the content is not a match for our site.