In 2017, Twitter has been transformed into one of the most visible and influential social media channels, and this means that it could be a tremendous marketing vehicle for your business. Twitter has a few new features to improve user experience and to extend the reach of the messages crafted by marketers and brand managers.

For companies seeking to promote their brands online, Twitter is a great value proposition. The two pillars of successful Twitter marketing have not changed over the last few years: engagement and content. What has changed, however, is the diversity of content that can be presented on a Twitter feed. Marketing analysts have evaluated the different types of content used by online brands on Twitter, and they have made the following determinations.

The Right Image Can Go a Long Way

Even though certain social networks such as Snapchat and YouTube thrive on mobile video, Twitter users prefer their visual content to be static. Instagram may be the most prominent image sharing network, but there is a lot that can be said about the effectiveness of sharing images on Twitter.

On average, Twitter users are more likely to retweet images than videos by a margin of 361 percent. On the other hand, videos are 50 percent more likely to be marked as “favorite;” nonetheless, retweets are more desirable for brands to obtain. There is also the fact that image creation and editing is easier than video production, and thus it is safe to say that images should be included in every Twitter update as often as possible.

Meaningful Content Trumps Frivolity

For some reason, Twitter users are not very fond of memes. Even publishers of satirical content have a hard time getting traction from memes, which happen to be more effective on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. This is not to say that Twitter is not a fun network; however, users tend to be more interested in snappy and clever messages composed within the traditionally short character limitation.

In general, Twitter users tend to gravitate towards content that they consider meaningful, which may explain why memes do not result in too many conversions. Twitter users may smile at memes, but they tend to forget about them very quickly.

Links to Great Content

Twitter works wonders when used as a tool for generating website traffic. Whenever possible, new Twitter updates should include specific links to website pages that feature interesting and quality content. An example would be the interior decorating firm Rules of Renovation offering inspiration about how to remodel a living space on a budget. Make sure your content is highly relevant to your industry and provides useful, actionable information that makes it worth the click.

It is important to remember that Twitter should not be used as an echo chamber or as a shameless platform for promotion. If a company only posts links to its own website, followers will not be engaged and may ignore future updates. From time to time, social media coordinators should choose content to quote and retweet for the purpose of engagement.

Text Updates

Despite the growing appeal of visual content on Twitter, its original function as a sort of SMS for the Internet generation is still very powerful. Text-only content consistently gets lots of retweets if it presents interesting facts, inspirational quotes that illustrate the gestalt of the times, or useful tips.

“This day in history” tweets tend to be very popular. Let’s say a video game console repair shop is looking for something to tweet on June 15; an adequate update would be to remind followers that Pokemon Yellow was released for the Nintendo Game Boy in the year 2000.

In the end, brand managers should experiment with the content types listed herein and determine what works better for their audiences on a regular basis.

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