Customer experience used to be a lot less important to companies than it is now. There were not as many touch points between the customer and the company and organizations focused mostly on creating a product and selling it to earn a profit.

Now, the tide has shifted quite a bit. Most companies value customer experience beyond anything else, and they work on it daily.

This may have something to do with customers becoming more and more educated and informed. There are so many options to choose from on a global market as well, and people aren’t willing to keep working with a company simply because it gives them a good product. They are looking for a lot more – experience, respect, kindness, and professionalism.

Most companies today have noticed this, and they are striving for perfection in their customer experiences. They have placed the customer at the very heart of the business. This is especially important in B2B companies since the continued cooperation depends on that.

While many organizations have achieved a somewhat high level of seamlessness when it comes to customer experience, many are still struggling.

Here are some strategies to think about when building a better customer experience for your customers.

  1. Encourage customer-centric mindset in all departments of your organization

Every department in your company should be aware of the customer-centric way of doing things. You need to empower your employees to improve their own service and provide you and your customers with the best possible results. Customer journey should be everyone’s priority.

If you really want your customer experience to be seamless, then you have to implement this kind of thinking throughout your company. Don’t just let the managers or the marketers, for example, believe in this – let every employee to know what they should focus on. Educate them and tell them to focus on creating a good experience for customers. Only in this way will your customer experience feel seamless.

  1. Do thorough research to understand your customers completely

Research can provide you with useful information on your customers, and this can improve their experience immensely. According to a study, gathering data is a good way to find out what the pain points are and fix them as soon as possible. In the B2B market, this means researching the company and finding out what their preferences are and what they strive for in their own business.

This is another great strategy in eliminating all of the things that ruin your user experience –  with the right information; your users could be presented with what they really want to see instead of what you want them to see.

Ask your customers to participate in simple, short surveys once in a while to help you out. Let them know why you are doing the survey and what you want to achieve with it. Propose strong, insightful questions to get the best picture of your customer’s needs and wants. Once you’ve implemented the changes, let your customers know how their opinion mattered in the big picture and how they affected your business. Notifying them that their feedback helped to make positive changes in your company will encourage them to give feedback in the future.

  1. Create a sense of community for your customers

Create a space in which your customers will feel like they can share their opinion on your product, talk to them as if they were a part of a big family. BuzzFeed is a great example of a company that implemented this strategy. For them, it proved extremely successful. As they made their customers feel welcome and wanted, more and more part of something bigger, a community, their business improved.

Customers will return and bring more B2B clients to your company. Also, according to studies, this is a good strategy to improve overall profits, but even more importantly, your customer’s experience with your company.

  1. Consistency matters

 Consistency proves that your brand and your product is of high quality while improving your customer experience. Having contradictory messages sent out to your customers is not the best way to earn their respect and trust. Make sure that you check everything before you share it and if something still turns out wrong, go back and fix it as soon as possible. If you are offering different values, as a B2B company, most of your partners will see that as a sign to back up and search for another company to work with.

Willow Morris, a Business Adviser from Origin Writings, says: ‘ To really build a quality experience for your customers you have to be consistent through all of your channels. It’s a bad idea for your customers to see you one way in a certain channel but in a completely different way in another. Keep up with your own brand voice and show your customers that you are really working hard on painting a good picture of your company.’

5. Make your customers your priority

Customers have so many options today that it really doesn’t matter to them what you offer. What matters most is how you deliver it and what competitive advantage you have over others.. If you are working on maintaining and establishing a quality relationship with your customers, you’ll be able to see how good the rewards can be.

While having a great product is good, the customer experience is irreplaceable. Show them respect, treat them as true partners that they are.

Ask for their feedback and kindly explain how their opinions shape your decisions and choices later. This is a great way to create a good customer experience – it’s more about how you make them feel than anything else.

  1. Make social media a priority to your marketers

Over time, there were a lot of marketing funnels, but none is as good as social media marketing. This is the place that most people visit, spend a lot of time on and look for information.

It’s a good platform for sharing your values and positive feedback. Most companies will visit your social media profile before working with you – present yourself in a good manner.

Social media is really important nowadays, and for a company to present a complete user experience to their customers, it’s best to be present on all social media channels. Social media is a good place to post content of all kinds on and spread the word about your company. Make sure that it’s consistent and of high quality – hire talented and hardworking authors or employ services of content creation tools like 1Day2Write and WriteMyX that can provide you with competitive content.

  1. Train and support your employees

Employees are the most important element of a good customer experience. Study says that they can provide great value for your company if they do their job properly but they could tarnish your reputation if they don’t.

This is why the education of employees is so important. You need to give them all of the tools that they’ll need for working with customers. Host seminars provide them with useful resources like webinars, books and courses that will improve their services.

Don’t just focus on employees that have the most contact with the customers, train those who have no contact with them at all since they are all a part of cohesive, seamless customer experience


There are plenty of great strategies available to companies all around the world. If you want to improve your customer experience, you can always educate your staff and employees a bit better, invest in some really good content writers and be consistent.  Figure out what works best for your organization, your business model and your employees. Then implement it and make sure that every element of your company follows through. It’s all about creating something that will make your customers feel good.

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure that you put your customer in the heart of all of your decisions.

Joel Syder

Joel Syder is a business analyst and writer at Academic Brits. He enjoys helping people to realize their potential in the exciting field of information technology as well as creating articles about things that excite him.