re•mark•able \ri ‘märkəbəl \ adj. (1604)  worthy of being or likely to be noticed esp. as being uncommon or extraordinary.  According to best selling author, Seth Godin, acclaimed “America’s Greatest Marketer,” ridiculous is the new remarkable!
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Back in 2003 Seth Godin wrote a great article for Fast Company magazine In Praise of Purple Cow.  He advocated that in a media saturated marketplace there was no room for average products and services or relentless ad spending.  Instead, there was only room for remarkable products or services; winning ideas that people were going to remark about – the viral effect of word of mouth.  
Last month, Seth wrote a new post titled “Ridiculous is the new remarkable.  Godin is now challenging us to think beyond normal to standout.  Paraphrasing Seth: “If it’s not ridiculous, it’s hard to imagine it resonating with the people who will invest time and energy to spread the word.  We embrace ridiculous as the sign that maybe; just maybe, we’re being generous, daring, creative and silly. You know, remarkable.”
Godin’s new interpretation of remarkable is a clever marketing strategy.  However, given the level of clutter/noise out there (ridiculous!!), I believe those companies or individuals that can deliver consistent, relevant content in a blink will be tomorrow’s movers and shakers.
Blink = brevity!  Blink trumps remarkable!