Blog Idea Generation Tips for Law Firms

If you are serious about growing your law firm, it’s likely that you’re heavily investing in online marketing. The internet is quickly becoming one of the most important places law firms promote their services, more and more potential clients researching online before deciding on which law firm to hire. Content marketing is one of the key strategies for improving your law firm’s online visibility. Regularly writing posts for your own blog and guest posting on other blogs and sites can improve search engine rankings and establish your firm as an expert in its niche. Consistently coming up with ideas for good blog posts can be difficult however. This is why we’ve gathered a few tips that can help you generate more ideas for great blog posts.

Get Inspired By Client Questions

Take note of questions that you regularly receive from your clients and write blog posts that provide thorough answers to these questions. Being related to questions your clients are struggling with, these blog posts will be both relevant to your practice and valuable for your audience.

Scour Quora and Avvo for Topic Ideas

Have a look on sites such as Quora or Avvo if there are questions related to your legal niche on these sites that you could provide an answer to. Then write a comprehensive blog post answering one of these questions.

Social Media

Social media conversations can provide great ideas for blog posts. Have a look on relevant LinkedIn groups and actively participate in conversations on legal topics. If interesting questions pop up that you have expert knowledge about, provide an answer on the group page and then follow up with a blog post that goes more into depth. You can do the same on Facebook pages and in Twitter conversations.

Repurpose Content

You can use presentations and other written materials that you’ve created and convert them into one or multiple blog posts.

Read Other Blogs

Read other legal blogs in your niche or related niches and try to get some inspiration from topics they write about. You can expand on topics other blogs write about or write about the same topics but just add your own perspective or opinions to it.

Use Google Analytics

If your blog doesn’t have Google Analytics installed then that’s the first thing you should do after reading this post. Google Analytics (which is completely free) provides a ton of powerful information about your visitors that you can leverage to come up with blog topics. In the Google Analytics dashboard you will find a Traffic Sources tab. If you click on this tab you will see how your visitors got to your website and if they came through Google the search terms that people used to end up on your site. These search phrases can provide great ideas for blog posts because they are generally topics people want know about.

These idea generation tips should help you generate a constant stream of blog posts, which is very important if you want to create a successful content marketing campaign. Blogging only once or twice a month just isn’t enough to successfully promote your firm online.

Zane Schwarzlose is an SEO at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin web design firm. Zane thinks that writing on some legal topics is hard.