If you own a business and rent or own a physical location for it, the building and business processes must meet safety codes created by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. If you are not following the regulations required by OSHA, your business will receive an official notice informing you about essential repairs or changes. Failing to meet these suggestions can lead to financial penalties or having your business closed. Here are a few ways to make sure you are conforming to OSHA standards and how to keep your property safe.

Check Out the OSHA Website 

OSHA maintains a website that offers helpful information for business owners big and small. Be sure to look at the website on a frequent basis to understand the newest guidelines for your particular type of business.

Have a Safety and Health Employee

When you have a large business, you might not have time for managing the OSHA standards, but you can hire an employee to perform the job for you. Universities have degree majors in health and safety, and with a full-time expert working for you, it is easier to follow the government’s regulations. This can also be part of HR if you have that department.

Place OSHA Posters in Designated Areas

OSHA provides posters concerning many of its safety and health standards. Place these posters in designated areas of your business such as the employee’s lunchroom. These posters are updated routinely, so make sure to replace the items frequently. 

Contact a Specialty Law Firm

Find a local law firm that specializes in OSHA regulations. If you have any problems following OSHA’s regulations, then you will have an attorney to contact for assistance

Have Regular Meetings with Employees

To maintain appropriate OSHA standards, have regular meetings with employees to discuss health and safety issues. All new employees should have training in safety and health regulations, and current employees should undergo update training at least once a year. 

Make It Easy to Report Health and Safety Violations

Have a friendly policy at your business concerning reporting health and safety violations. If your employees know they can report a problem without retaliation from you, then they will inform you rather than contacting OSHA themselves. 

Inspect Your Business Property Frequently

In addition to having an employee who is responsible for health and safety standards at your business, be sure to inspect the property on your own. Walk through the interior of the building along with checking the exterior areas such as storage facilities and parking lots. 

As a government agency, OSHA can provide assistance with an email or telephone call. Be sure to research what might be missing from your building or business. You can always find help and guidelines online or off.

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