Any business should take actions to protect its physical and virtual assets. If you don’t, there’s a good chance that someone else will take them. Here are a few ways that surveillance systems, physical barriers and cloud servers can help you protect your assets and keep your business profitable.

Video Surveillance

CCTV surveillance offers 24 hour video monitoring. All videos can be recorded onto hard drives that could store hundreds of days worth of footage. Additionally, modern surveillance cameras allow for real time streaming to remote internet enabled devices such as smartphones. Outdoor cameras can have night vision capabilities for effective ranges of dozens of feet. Motion activated cameras can save precious memory space by recording only when someone or something moves in the field of view.

Fire Control Technology

Every commercial building needs to have a proper fire control system installed. Traditional water sprinklers can be enhanced with innovative oxidizing agents that reduce oxygen in order to prevent combustion. Fire extinguishers should be accessible near every major entrance or exit of a building. The extinguishers can be used to put out fires that can damage computer hardware and other expensive possessions.

Fencing and Gates

Physical barriers are needed to protect a commercial building from vandalism, invasion and other damage. Mesh style metallic fences can be topped off with barbed wire to prevent any intrusions. Heavy duty gates can be used to control all incoming and outgoing vehicles. Such gates can be manually or electronically opened via sliding mechanisms along specialty wheels or rails. The gates leading to a business can also have intercom systems for added security. Consult with a company like Northern California Fence Co. to see where your business could use extra security.

Biometric Technology

Businesses can prevent unauthorized users from entering certain facilities such as storage rooms that hold expensive possessions. Biometric locks can scan the fingerprints and only allow authorized employees to access specific rooms. The biometric locks also prompt workers to enter PINs and other codes that are protected by advanced encrypted technology that is very difficult to intercept or crack.

Cloud Service

Virtual data storage provides security for intangible assets. Cloud services can hold important files that can only be accessible by specific users such as managers and employees. Secure offsite servers are immune to any cyber attacks that may be launched on the network of an office somewhere. Cloud servers are backed up by multiple power sources so these machines never experience down time. A business can always access important files and make financial transactions through cloud servers.

Physical and intangible protection can be easily implemented into any business location. Video surveillance, fences and encrypted networking access offer excellent security measures for businesses.

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