Today’s modern world has opened new opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners alike. The emerging esports industry is an upcoming sector that offers new and exciting career types in more fields than you can imagine.  Esports involve playing competitive video games that are live-streamed to thousands of viewers around the world – and within this multi-million dollar industry, there are increasingly lucrative job opportunities available for enterprising individuals and groups.

Career types available in the esports industry include the regular financing and marketing roles necessary to collaborate with big sponsors including Red Bull, Coca-Cola, and ESPN. Business and management roles are required to build communities around the video games both online and in real life, paralleled by a growing demand for technical roles such as software engineers and game developers. Careers in the field of design are possible in job types including apparel design, game design, and booth planning. Even services such as translation and online content regulators are required. 

The jobs available within the esports industry offer an exciting opportunity for international travel and often include benefits such as exposure to the latest technologies with flexible or part-time hours and the opportunity to work remotely. For an overview of several job types within the industry, have a look at the infographic below from Computer Planet. It details what you could expect to earn in the different job types, as well as the skills required for each. This booming industry is ready to welcome new players from every area including marketers, managers, small business owners and even entrepreneurs – don’t miss this great opportunity.

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