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Shopping around for the best tariffs and rates on your utility bills for your business can often be complex with the range of different suppliers and brokers offering their own rates and deals. Some businesses don’t have the funds to finance regular audits of their energy usage to find out where they can make…(Read More)

Although every small business owner needs to send out invoices in order to receive payment for their products or services, the specific type of invoice they use will depend on their business. Today we’ll look at the 10 most important invoice types that small businesses need in their daily operations. #1 Proforma Invoice Perhaps…(Read More)

Every smart business owner is always looking for new ways to cut down on expenses. And with printing costs almost always through the roof, it can be hard to find a solution that’s reasonable. Cutting on quality isn’t an option either. With business branding being a core part of generating clientele, you don…(Read More)

Healthy finances are the lifeblood of any business. While it is true that you need to spend money to earn money, an unstable and unpredictable cash flow can ruin your chances of success. To make sure that your company is earning well with the least resources put into the business, here are five ways to…(Read More)

Business finance is crucial to the survival of your company. However, as a small business, hiring the right professionals for the job can be costly. These tips, though they won’t replace the specialized, tailored assistance you receive from a professional, can help you deal with your business finance until your business grows.  Keeping Track…(Read More)

As a business grows, some challenges have to be overcome. Notably, getting the right team can either accelerate growth or stop it dead in its tracks. Getting the right bookkeeper or accountant can make a big difference to the smooth running of a business. Growing businesses and new entrepreneurs reach out to us and ask…(Read More)

Disclaimer – These Tips are for residents of the United States. It’s the height of tax season, so it’s time to make sure you are taking full advantage of all tax credits and deductions available. Charitable contributions are one way you can lower your annual tax burden. You may be wondering what does and…(Read More)

Please note that these tax tips only apply in Australia .  The new financial year presents a stressful but exciting time for small business owners. Surrounded by a mound of books to balance the final figures for last financial year, dealing with the taxman and paperwork coming out of your ears – literally. It’s a hectic…(Read More)

Older business buildings can pose a lot of security challenges to your company and employees because they usually only have limited, to no security systems. Many business owners believe that improving security in an older building means disruptive renovations. As long as the structure continues to meet fire and safety codes, you can make any…(Read More)