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Any successful business owner knows it takes a team of people to build a great company. There’s only so many hours and skills one person can devote to a business – and it takes a good owner to know when to outsource to the experts. Even the most successful, smart and dedicated professionals have to…(Read More)

The best way we can fight against the pay gap is by entering the corporate game. At the moment, men launch much more startups than women. In spite of this, the research conducted by Sarah Fink from the Centre of Entrepreneurs shows that female entrepreneurs are more likely to work towards controlled and profitable growth…(Read More)

Without a doubt, sales are a critical component of any business since it’s the one that is responsible for bringing revenue so that the business can sustain its day-to-day operations. However, not all companies are fortunate enough to meet their monthly, quarterly, or yearly sales target, and this is largely because their…(Read More)

Everyone hits brick walls sometimes; that unsettling feeling of not being able to move forward. The idle frustration happens to every creative professional, but it doesn’t have to stop your work. These practical tips will help you get past creative roadblocks, whether they are work related, leisurely creative activities, or hobbies. Break Up Monotony…(Read More)

You run a successful or moderately successful business, but you’re concerned about the atmosphere around the office. Perhaps your employees seem disgruntled or not as productive, or prospective employees are turning down job offers. There could be other reasons for this, but a dismal place to work at could easily be one of them…(Read More)

The demand for dog day care is increasing. Dog owners with busy lives don’t want their four-legged friend sitting home alone for long periods of time. If spending your days taking care of man’s best friend sounds like your idea of heaven, a dog day care business could be just the venture…(Read More)

In the same way the Industrial Revolution capitalists were pushing their workers to work harder, Digital Revolution entrepreneurs are urging their key employees to slow down, chill out and de-stress. This is an apparent sign that the labor system cares more for the worker, but it’s also a sign that the growing market…(Read More)

Working in the small business industry can be tough. The competition is strong, people are fearless, and if you are a small company or a startup, you need to build your position in an already established market. In such a dynamic environment, working people strive for the best, yet the results are not always satisfactory…(Read More)

Many modern companies are finding they have to pursue more and more automation in their processes to remain competitive. The process of shipping and handling has changed a bit over the years, and most small businesses still ship products using manual labor. Some large businesses automate their supply lines, but in general, the process of…(Read More)