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Looking for work can be a job itself: infinite applying for different job positions, sending resumes, writing motivational letters and so on. As in every job, there are tools that can help us improve everyday work and achieve better results. So, why don’t  you do the same with your job search? Help yourself with…(Read More)

Finding a way to cut into unemployment numbers seems like a never-ending battle. In recent years, small businesses have become a secret weapon in the war against unemployment, as they account for a significant amount of the jobs in the private sector. Startups, entrepreneurs and other forms of small businesses wield more power than…(Read More)

Finding the right team to outsource your development projects to isn’t easy. Even agencies with great portfolios can turn out to be subpar in areas like communication and transparency. Then there are teams that consider themselves the jack of all trades, claiming to be a one-stop shop for all development needs. They have…(Read More)

Some of the largest and most successful companies in the world depend upon quality-outsourced basics, such as logistics. Logistics outsourcing affects factors such as capital costs, operating costs, and revenue growth. In that, it shows up as a reduction in the workforce and freedom from restrictive labour environment, a large geographic coverage, and great…(Read More)

Start ups have burst onto the business scene in the past few years, with successful founders cropping up everywhere. Want to benefit from their success? It’s all about having the right attitude, defining strategy, and pushing on with implementation, fast. The start-up method can be adopted by a range of businesses and leaders…(Read More)

  Starting your own business from the ground up can be rewarding, but also extremely challenging. Instead of starting entirely from scratch, buying a franchise is a way to start a business with perks and qualities most new brands couldn’t dream of.   There are many reasons why entrepreneurs are choosing to invest in…(Read More)

Unless you are in denial, life has become digital. From entertainment to banking, cooking, and shopping; everything is happening online. In light of this, having the right digital skills is essential; if we are to do our daily business optimally. There are countless digital skills to master and doing this will give you a headway…(Read More)

Most business owners do have this misconception regarding the contributions of their respective brands to the success of their businesses. The resulting effect of this is the fact that they don’t pay the needed attention in ensuring that they create powerful brands that can stand the test of time. The truth is that the…(Read More)

Almost every entrepreneur has heard the statistic, which states that more than 96% of businesses fail in the first ten years of their existence. There are several contributing factors that push companies towards bankruptcy and liquidation, but there is also one thing in common for all failed businesses. They haven’t been able to adapt…(Read More)