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Millions of people worldwide are thinking about starting a new business. However, simply having enough money to invest isn’t enough. The tricky part is to choose what to invest it in. An idea for a new business can come from a careful market analysis, or it can be as simple as creating a service…(Read More)

Beloved video game company Nintendo recently debuted its latest console, the Switch, to a somewhat mixed reception. Reactions to the concept behind the console had been extremely positive, but the latest revelation of pricing and launch specifics has got the cold shoulder. So what went wrong for the industry veterans, and what can they and…(Read More)

Practically every call floor manager will be asked to reduce operating expenses at some point. While some traditional cost-cutting measures such as reducing staff size can be effective, management teams might want to take a look at less aggressive options that don’t require layoffs or other measures that reduce employee morale.   Reduce…(Read More)

A lot of people find running a startup to be nothing like they imagined. Because of this, almost 90 percent of all new businesses fail soon after their launch. Luckily, this doesn’t discourage some of the most ambitious entrepreneurs who usually bounce back. On their second try, they have much more experience in such…(Read More)

Marketing is like Martial Arts. You learn different techniques but the application is different depending upon the situation. This is why not many companies invest in setting up in- house marketing teams. There are many variables to consider that there is no assurance you can attain a targeted ROI. Instead, businesses may opt to outsource…(Read More)

Starting your home-based business can be a great idea if planned out correctly. A lot of people take the idea of a home business lightly, as if it’s something casual with little responsibilities, but it is quite the opposite. Home-based businesses are almost the same as regular ones, they require planning, determination…(Read More)

You might just be another head in a cubicle, but you’re really only a couple steps away from realizing your childhood dream of being a caped crusader.  While it’s not quite as dramatic as saving kittens from trees or interrupting a bank heist, being a superhero at the office can be very rewarding…(Read More)

The business landscape has been changing more and more in the recent years, with advances in technology and the global fusion into one giant market. Keeping your company relevant and profitable is far from simple, and is a job that never ends. Utilizing the advantages of technology and, in particular, the rising trend of outsourcing…(Read More)