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Responsible employers invest company time and resources into making sure that their workplaces are as safe as possible. This requires an investment in equipment that is designed to make the workplace safer and also requires that time be spent training employees on the safest work practices. You may be concerned about meeting the regulatory requirements…(Read More)

When summer approaches and office air conditioners start to flip on, women across the country begin to prepare. They layer on sweaters, scarves, and gloves to combat their chilling office conditions, even as temperatures outside continue to rise. As it turns out, women are by no means imagining this imbalance; it’s actually the result…(Read More)

In 2015, approximately 2.9 million nonfatal injuries were treated by medical professionals across the United States. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 52% of those injuries occurred on the job. Employees injured in the workplace are eligible for compensation and benefits from the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, as well as the…(Read More)

Living in a world where everyone does exactly what they are supposed to, exceeds every expectation set, and where communication is never misinterpreted, has never, and will never exist.  Because of that, there are many times where we are faced with conversations that may be difficult to have. What makes a conversation difficult? Usually there…(Read More)

Everywhere you look, extroversion reigns supreme in the modern business world. We’re told that if we want to be successful, we need to ooze charm to be hired, be bold to make the sale, and be an entertainer to land the next client. Conversely, proudly proclaim your introversion, and you’ll be scoffed at…(Read More)

Any shipping service, even your own, is a complex logistics process of warehousing, loaders, drivers, and trucks that means thousands of packages going through hundreds of hands between order fulfillment and final delivery. Inevitably, some goods are damaged, but there are always reasons why. 1. Improperly Labeled Many companies seem to think that stamping or…(Read More)

While managers have a variety of duties to perform on a daily basis, none are more important than the implementation of effective training programs. Whether it’s conducting training sessions for new employees or leading workshops on new technology for long-time employees, it’s imperative they keep their staff motivated and eager to learn…(Read More)

Older business buildings can pose a lot of security challenges to your company and employees because they usually only have limited, to no security systems. Many business owners believe that improving security in an older building means disruptive renovations. As long as the structure continues to meet fire and safety codes, you can make any…(Read More)

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Making the perfect hire for an ideal candidate used to be impossible, but it was necessary. There are some cases where finding the prime candidate could be what makes the business begin a profitable streak and seemingly endless growth spurt. There are other cases where hiring the wrong person ruins the business for an extensive…(Read More)