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A lot of successful businesses are built on great marketing campaigns and ideas. Not every marketing campaign is meant to sell a product. Some are created to spread the word about the business, some are created to acknowledge their customers, and some created solely to build up a brand name. It is a common mistake…(Read More)

Whether you are moving into a new office space or your business has been in the same building for decades, the space may not serve your practical or aesthetic needs. Making some updates could drastically improve the functionality and enjoyment of your work space. A more appealing environment could also enhance your productivity. Consider these…(Read More)

Marketing plays a critical role in getting companies recognized in today’s competitive tech industry. Without reliable marketing, it’s unlikely that a new business will attract the customers and investors it needs to survive. Marketing tech companies have become so important that the number of companies has doubled to nearly 2,000 over the…(Read More)

Whether you run an offline store or an online business, selling your services or products is the main objective to earn more profit. However, sometimes you may feel a little immobile in your marketing efforts. Then, if you need to boost up your business with the help of some innovative as well as powerful marketing…(Read More)

Nearly everyone today is using the internet to search for products and services, company reviews, or just sharing information on social media platforms. That information stays visible and shows up in searches, so it’s important to manage your online reputation. Otherwise, a single negative comment may be doing more damage than multiple good ones…(Read More)

Business owners follow modern trends to stay on top of a competitive industry. By staying with the times, you can make sure that you are reaching out to every generation and are staying professional. It may seem like a big investment, but it is well worth it. This can really help keep your clients impressed…(Read More)

Today just about everyone is always on some type of device. Whether they are on their IPhone, IPad or computer, everyone is distracting themselves with social media and videos.  It really is amazing how much we depend on technology today. However, although it may sometimes seem like a distraction technology can be very useful for…(Read More)

Without a doubt, sales are a critical component of any business since it’s the one that is responsible for bringing revenue so that the business can sustain its day-to-day operations. However, not all companies are fortunate enough to meet their monthly, quarterly, or yearly sales target, and this is largely because their…(Read More)

There are few things that are as frustrating for business owners as seeing a negative review of their business appear on Yelp. Nearly 60 percent of people say a negative review of a local business makes them question the quality of a business. So, given how important it is for a business to keep negative…(Read More)