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Mobile backend as a service(MBaaS), are cloud-based backend systems, which hosts components(libraries, APIs) required for the rapid development and deployment of mobile applications. These architectures reduce the time and complexity in the development and allows companies to focus on the core features and user experience instead of server configuration and common functionality…(Read More)

The world of business has significantly changed since the turn of the 21st century. One of the most important aspects that have taken a different turn is the use of technology in businesses to improve efficiency and productivity. Even if your business is not dependent on technology, embracing the technological revolution can have an enormous…(Read More)

Business intelligence (BI) is a widely-used term and a concept that naturally arose with the proliferation of big data. With the latest BI systems and software also came the emergence of cloud BI. What does this term mean and why is it gaining so much traction among SMBs and corporations alike? Cloud BI Defined…(Read More)

Internet privacy is becoming a more complicated issue every single day. Some internet users live with the false impression that they can be completely safe and secure online simply by using the privacy mode of their web browser. Others use technology such as virtual private networks (VPNs) in order to try to protect themselves. But…(Read More)

Will data save the enterprise world? Everything seems to indicate so, but the last thing business owners and operations managers should expect are that data will magically intervene and increase their bottom lines without some sort of action or strategy.   We live in an era of massive data collection. All the information being captured…(Read More)

The year 2000 brought many anticipations in the business world. Computer and digital technologies were taking off in the ‘90s, so everyone expected to live in a world of robots and gadgets. Businesspeople everywhere knew that technology would make their lives easier, regardless of the industry. Now it is 2016, and you should know at…(Read More)