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Will data save the enterprise world? Everything seems to indicate so, but the last thing business owners and operations managers should expect are that data will magically intervene and increase their bottom lines without some sort of action or strategy.   We live in an era of massive data collection. All the information being captured…(Read More)

The year 2000 brought many anticipations in the business world. Computer and digital technologies were taking off in the ‘90s, so everyone expected to live in a world of robots and gadgets. Businesspeople everywhere knew that technology would make their lives easier, regardless of the industry. Now it is 2016, and you should know at…(Read More)

It is amazing to see how technology has changed our daily course of living. In our 21st-century world that strongly demands efficiency and productivity, there is no doubt that the present-day technological miracles are big factors to achieve the said results. And truth to be told, many of us nowadays can’t even…(Read More)

The fallouts from data breaches in prominent companies and the revelations of sensitive information splashed across public networks greatly highlight the dangers of document protection breaches and associated compliance risks to organisations. When sensitive and classified information is disclosed to the public at large, it has inherently varied and substantial complications not only for those…(Read More)

Operating a business of any size forces you to make many decisions. For example, you might find yourself having to think about whether your business should start using cloud-based software. Consider the following five ways that this software can help your business thrive. You Always Have Access to the Tools You Need Image via…(Read More)

You will find several reasons for integrating a Document Management System (DMS) in your business. Along with having a more efficient DMS, you will also be able to access and distribute information in simpler ways. Various industries and business organizations have different requirements. They need to choose the DMS depending on these specific needs. Luckily…(Read More)