A recent infographic from London office brokers FreeOfficeFinder explains why pretty offices can help motivate a workforce into being more productive.

Here are a few changes companies can make to their offices more productive:

The View Matters

Residents in more scenic areas are healthier and happier than those in urban or less “eye-catching” locations. Research has shown that exposure to nature reduces stress levels, and promotes positive behavioral traits, such as the desire to get outside and exercise.

If pleasant scenery makes people feel better, there’s a good case that the scenicness of their work environment will have a similar effect.

The Benefits of Green Workspaces

Plants and flowers have also been shown to have a positive effect on work experience. If a green or scenic view isn’t available, they can be created using crafted internal areas, potted plants or even a roof garden or terrace in a place where it can be seen by workers.

The Impact of Art in the Office

Artwork displayed in the work environment has been shown to have a number of benefits over and above just impressing clients and visitors – it can also actually increase employee efficiency, productivity, and creativity.

  • 64% of staff believe art can increase productivity
  • 78% of staff believe art can reduce office stress

The Positive Impact of Natural Light

Natural light in the workplace has been shown to have a major positive impact on the workplace.

Occupants in daily office buildings report an increase in general well-being, with specific benefits including better health, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and financial savings.

In offices where natural daylight cannot be integrated, the use of full-spectrum bright lights has been shown to deliver similar benefits, including a decrease in accidents and an increased level of mental performance.

Night shift workers have also been shown to benefit from an increase in morale from full-spectrum lights.