In the ever-evolving world of social media, it’s important to keep up with latest developments. You don’t have time to maintain accounts on all platforms, so you need to know which ones are the best fit for your business right now. Knowing what each social media platform has to offer will help you decide where best to invest your precious time.

Which platform is set to launch an e-shopping feature? Which is the best for reaching a young millennial market? And which is the best for growing your business links and relationships?

Let’s take a look at the most popular options so you can choose the right social media platform for your business in 2017.   


Videos are bigger than ever in 2017. Establishing an online video presence for your business can have great results. You’ll probably even have noticed that YouTube videos now feature at the top of Google search results, so incorporating videos into your SEO strategy is a smart move. And with 4 billion videos being watched every day on YouTube, that’s a huge potential market to tap into!

YouTube is brilliantly suited to businesses selling products with a practical application. You can share handy videos that inspire your customers to use your products and establish your business as an invaluable authority. Want to see how it’s done? Take a look at Lush Hair Extensions to see how a business can feature a great variety of helpful tutorials on their YouTube channel.


As one of the most established and popular platforms, Facebook boasts a whopping 2 billion monthly users. It’s a great choice if your business targets the 25 to 54-year-old market. With a wide choice of features on offer, your Facebook account lets you share everything from videos and photos to offers and events. It has handy free analysis tools to help you monitor your engagement, and you can also take advantage of their affordable advertising to target your posts in the direction of your desired audience. Best of all, it’s a  low maintenance option – experts advise posting a maximum of one or two posts a day. Ideal if you prefer to dip in and out of social media!  

For some Facebook business inspo, check out Intrepid Travel’s account with its exciting mix of content from interesting videos to shared posts from its community.  


If aesthetics are a big part of your business, Instagram could be the social media platform for you. Whether you sell beautiful products, lifestyle support or inspirational experiences, the engagement potential is huge. Instagram has around 700 million active users and some of the most devoted users of any platform. Share attractive photos and videos to create a unique brand identity and get customers interested. Top tip – the Instagram Shopping feature is set to roll out to a wider number of businesses soon, allowing customers to shop items at the click of a button. Perfect if your business deals have e-commerce ambitions.

One business with a fantastic Instagram brand aesthetic is online lifestyle store YOOX. Their Instagram account is a feast of stunning images that not only promote their products but make their customers feel good too.


If building links are crucial to your business, you need to look into getting active on Twitter. Not only does it give you the opportunity to talk directly to your customers, but it’s also a fantastic platform for establishing relationships with top influencers in your field. And who knows where that could take you! Twitter is less effective in driving traffic to your website, but it can be a great way of providing stellar customer service if you are prepared to invest the time needed. Twitter is active 24/7 so you need to be regularly checking your feed.

For great Twitter business ideas, look to brands like Spotify and Casper for excellent examples of imaginative and responsive customer service.


For the best chance of engaging with 16 to 24-year-olds, it has to be Snapchat. This relatively new platform has grown at an astonishing rate and now has over 160 million daily users. And that’s set to continue rising. As Snaps (your uploaded photos or videos) disappear 10 seconds after they have been viewed, it’s all about creating a big impact fast. It’s a great choice if your business offers a lot of deals and the emphasis on fun appeals to you.

For creative Snapchat business ideas, look no further than make-up brand Birchbox. Their clever use of Snapchat includes real-life makeovers, live chats and exclusive deals just for their Snapchat followers.