Refurbishing your office can be a great way to give a boost to your staff and make better use of space. On the downside, they can be a little disruptive to a business and also relatively expensive if they are not managed very well. Here are seven top tips to ensure that your office renovation runs smoothly.

Delegate tasks

Office renovation is a big task so it’s a great idea to assign roles for the people involved. Have one person scouting out potential furniture, another for lighting, another for flooring, and so on. But while having individuals take on specific roles is the right move, you need to choose one person who will be in charge of the project as a whole.

You don’t want to have lots of people with conflicting ideas, all trying to impose the office in their head – it will turn into a mess. Ultimately one person has to make the decision. While other members of the team should be free to contribute ideas and concepts, there needs to be a leader to oversee and manage everything.

Work with a trusted business

If this sounds like a daunting task or you’re worried that you simply don’t have the time to spend on these sorts of decisions, you might want to consider working with an office design specialist. There are many companies that are experts in office refurbishment and this can often be a convenient and a time-saving option.

If you’re planning to go down this route, it’s best to choose a business that has plenty of experience in designing an office of your size. Take a look at their previous work to understand whether they will be right for you.

Allow plenty of time

Office refurbishment should not be rushed. If you rush the initial planning and designing phase you will likely overlook details or you won’t have enough time to consider a variety of options. Ultimately this will lead to there being problems with office design that you will either have to put up with to the detriment of your business or pay to have fixed.

Instead of trying to get the refurbishment completed as quickly as possible you should set out a detailed plan allowing plenty of time to get each job done. Once you have a timetable in place you can use it to assess whether or not the project is on schedule and on budget.

Go green

When you’re making changes to your office space it can be the perfect opportunity to make changes to the way the business operates. This could involve taking a more environmentally-friendly approach to the processes of the office.

Use space effectively

It’s time to think about how your office is going to be laid out. It could well be the case that the current layout of your working environment evolved by accident. A redesign can give you the chance to rethink the most effective use of space. This might mean ordering new desks and chairs or you might simply need to rearrange.

Think about the future, but don’t forget the present

Often when businesses refurbish their premises they are doing so with the future in mind – either rejigging the office to accommodate more members of staff or to adapt to changes in the way they work. This is definitely a good idea as redesigning your office can allow you to incorporate new technologies and be more appealing to staff and visiting clients.

However, you should not ignore the present. Ultimately, your office needs to the most effective use of space for right now. Make sure you are making the right decision for your current team rather than only thinking about what might be beneficial down the line.

Get staff involved

For this reason, it’s a smart idea to get staff members involved in the process of the redesign. Consider sending around an email survey or having a group discussion to establish what employees would like to see from their office refurbishment. If staff can get excited about the changes that are coming in it will give a boost to their morale and can ultimately lead to better productivity.

About the Author:

Mike James, working together with Crawley-based office fit out and refurbishment specialist Complete Interior Design.